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The most astonishing part is that they make no secret of wanting censor the flow of information to align only with their agenda and nobody on the left seems to mind.


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To those offended by her beauty and u/blackhammer who blocked me and seemed offended by Melania:

Nobody said she’s a starlet, nor did anyone say this photo represents all she is. She’s brilliant AND beautiful. She has said many times that she’s extremely proud of her career as a model. She’s intelligent and gorgeous... what’s wrong with celebrating it?

If she was a liberal, she’s be on the cover of every fashion magazine and would be celebrated much like Jackie O or like the left celebrates Michelle’s “feminine” beauty.

I’ve posted many more photos of her in gowns, jeans and in elegant, sophisticated attire, no need to get offended.

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I respect that, I just figure she worked super hard to be not only beautiful but extremely intelligent, she’s clearly proud of her accomplishments as a model and I’m all for it.

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I’ve got an extra up arrow for her...

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“Super President” LOL. Love it. The kid is already like ten feet tall.

Donald 8 Years -> DJT Jr 8 More -> Ivanka for 8 -> Barron for 8.

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It takes a special kind of senile to make crazy Bernie look like the intellectual between the two of them.

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Biden was in the Senate for 35 years and in the White House for 8...but NOW he’s gonna start fixing shit.

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While debating...for Presidential nominee.

Whose turn is it to wake him up?

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The party that demonizes old white men has managed to pick the two oldest and whitest men they could find on the locked-down floor of the retirement village.

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Remember mush-mouthed Bernie crying for Trump to disavow these sorts of things when there was one incident at one rally? Strangely silent on the MANY MANY acts of terrorism from uneducated, cowardly leftists.

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Breaking Camp #Taji (Camp Cooke) has been hit by about 5 rockets, according to a military source.

Carla Babb Carla Babb (@CarlaBabbVOA)

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Defense Secretary Esper just arrived at the White House carrying a large bag. Secretary Pompeo, seen reading in his car before he got out, also arrived. Kaitlan Collins Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins)

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We just sent some B-52’s to Diego Garcia so they’re probably fueling up as we speak.

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TDS. Look at those spastic, frenzied posts....adorable. Losing their minds.

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I agree in some ways but the fact is, this is the liberal America that exists and grows strong enough to form policy without a strong leader like Trump in office.