Buff_em_up 21 points ago

I wish someone would ask if the John Roberts on the flight logs is THE John Roberts

Buff_em_up 21 points ago

My guess is AOC doesn’t even get the joke

Buff_em_up 4 points ago

“Don’t grab my pussy”, she says

I don’t think anyone could find it, so she’s safe

Buff_em_up 2 points ago

...and hints investigations of him are political due to the upcoming primary.

But, of course, his trumped up murder overcharges of the APD are not political at all 🙄

Buff_em_up 1 point ago

Wow, that’s an impressive bleach. Just like the China virus, it only attacks certain groups!

Buff_em_up 28 points ago

Exactly this. I can see the DA not filing charges because, muh social justice

Buff_em_up 35 points ago

“A major investigation is underway...”

The problem will be that the NYC DA won’t file charges against the perps, and release them

Buff_em_up 57 points ago

You’d hope police unions would stop supporting any dem candidate from here on out.

Fucking Deblasio is proud of Shake Shack, no doubt

Buff_em_up 15 points ago

This comment worthy of its own post

Well played

Buff_em_up 4 points ago

They must be using the same model they used for China virus...

Buff_em_up 7 points ago

Soros fills her pockets.

She releases Soros’s terrorists in exchange.

Certainly sounds like conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Buff_em_up 1 point ago

Joe’s fallen, and he can’t get up

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