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True, but the laughter, positivity, and good vibes you get from T_D is great for your mental health and outlook on life!

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I hope she will release the contents then.

The fbi doing their duty just ain’t gonna happen I’m afraid.

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I got hopes for this today. But part of me also sees this exchange:

Congressperson: “Are you doing China’s and the Dems bidding by censoring conservatives?”

Tech Execs in unison: “No. we love America.”

Congressperson: “Good enough for us.”

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“The danger was palpable.” Of course it was, you just brought your kid to be with a sex offender

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Oh shit! Love it!

Would love if her name popped up on Hunter’s emails.

And Schiff, that motherfucker

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“Jorge is clearly a white supremacist and must denounce himself immediately.”


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Good point. Guys like Jorge and Colby love our GEOTUS and respect the hell out of a president who fights back and punches back harder

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Yes. It’s so cool he gets to be on the tarmac when GEOTUS comes down. How based to you have to be to get that privilege?

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Done and done.

Thanks for the sticky, appreciate you mods for all the kick ass work you do!

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This apparently a text from hunter to his daughter.

Man, he sounds angry and bitter. Can you imagine sitting around the dinner table at the Biden household at the holidays this year? Oof.

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This is apparently a text from Hunter to his daughter.

Angry and bitter, it would seem. The holidays ain’t gonna be fun in Bidenland!

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