BuddyTheWonderDog 5 points ago

.Win broke 8000 and I got a call from a recruiter. Today is a good day.

BuddyTheWonderDog 30 points ago

I love President Trump, I love the USA, I love all you fellow Pedes! Thank you for being here in a place where I can voice my support!

BuddyTheWonderDog 42 points ago

Nancy is too busy doing late night shows and eating fancy ice cream while I'm still waiting for an unemployment deposit (filed on Mon, March 30th). I haven't been able to speak to a live person in 3 weeks, emails go unanswered, chat box never has a person respond, phone calls to their offices say "we have your number in the system for a callback, goodbye!".

Meanwhile these asshats collect their salaries and full benefits, without doing shit for anyone but themselves.

BuddyTheWonderDog 24 points ago

WTH? The charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years? What about Roger Stone and Paul Manafort? - They didn't any sort of 'train wreck' damage like this ahole.

Our judicial systems is completely screwed up.

BuddyTheWonderDog 3 points ago

I'm going to make a commitment to purchase 2 pillows when I'm back to work. I recently heard Mike Lindell on Hannity talk about his battle with addiction and how he employs folks that deserve a second chance. Sounds like a great guy.

BuddyTheWonderDog 3 points ago

I have his book on request from the library. Hoping to read it once the shutdown blows over and the library is open. https://www.amazon.com/What-Are-Odds-Crack-Addict/dp/1734283416/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Mike+Lindell&qid=1585677979&sr=8-1

Mike Lindell has a fascinating background and an amazing spirit. He seems like such a great person, someone who truly believes in 'giving back'.

BuddyTheWonderDog 4 points ago

Thank you! I actually helped register new voters in the summer of 2016 while volunteering at the county Republican office. We gave out yard signs and stickers - it was great fun. Trump did 2 fantastic rallies in our city in Ohio. I've moved since then and need to investigate how to get involved in our new city. You are absolutely correct, though - could be a great networking opportunity

BuddyTheWonderDog 5 points ago

Thanks. Like others have said - I would crawl through a vat of coronavirus to vote for Trump in November. I should put some energy into helping him get re-elected!

BuddyTheWonderDog 21 points ago

Possibly. I'm awaiting the separation papers, which were promised me by EOB today. This left a bad taste in my mouth though...

I have a good emergency fund, pantry and fridge are stocked (from normal purchases, not panic buying or hoarding!), pets are current on vaccinations and in good health, vehicles are paid off. I'll take this time to find something better, volunteer, hike with the dogs, catch up on reading...

BuddyTheWonderDog 3 points ago

Unfortunately, no - I'm in the midwest. I greatly appreciate the kind thoughts. Hopefully a worthy patriot will see this and reach out to you!

BuddyTheWonderDog 52 points ago

Healthcare sales, believe it or not. Since facilities are on lockdown my bosses were baffled as to why my pipeline suddenly stalled. The two people that handle business development and client service were deemed 'non essential' and we are out of a job effective Monday. Small business and our field operations are in the trenches but still...I was hoping they would hang in there a couple more weeks until things settle down a bit.

BuddyTheWonderDog 3 points ago

Not an answer to your question but just wanted to offer that Harbor Freight is donating personal protective gear (masks, gloves, face shields) to hospitals.


BuddyTheWonderDog 10 points ago

A huge thank you to our Truck Drivers. From the bottom of our hearts we send our most heartfelt appreciation your way.

BuddyTheWonderDog 3 points ago

I used to enjoy John Cusack's movies. No more. No movie theater gets my hard earned money and I even skip over all his stuff on streaming channels.

Same with Matt Damon and Meryl Streep. Really great actors that should keep their opinions off-camera and just focus on making good movies.

BuddyTheWonderDog 1 point ago

Personally, no. But my daughter - due to graduate with her BSN in May - is doing her senior capstone project on a PCU unit at a hospital in KY. They had a patient that tested positive leave the hospital AMA (against medical advice) two days ago.

BuddyTheWonderDog 5 points ago

Friends own a restaurant/bar and now have a surplus of specialty food items and liquor because the St. Patrick's Day Parade was canceled. Another friend works at a hotel and she won't make sales quota because March & April events evaporated in a few days. The hotel (upscale, downtown locale) is virtually empty and staff (housekeeping, food service, front desk) schedules cut down to skeleton crews.

This over-hyped panic is genuinely hurting the financial viability of people and their families.

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