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They are really still subtly pushing the race card, defending the poor black female reporter from the bad orange man.

They can't help it!

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He seems to have more pep in his step today. Maybe it's the weather or...?

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Hasn't it been 25-30% Democrats at his rallies lately? I think he will prove Jr. right by 2025.

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They will pick the third option: Gaslight.

They will say that they only meant overdoses or certain off-label uses, not the drug itself -- which, in reality, they wilfully confused for fish tank cleaner. They will then say that Trump was trying to get in the way of them conducting proper trials (which would've taken forever), and get people to ignore how they really just tried to kill people to stop Trump from scoring politically.

So to throw it back in their faces: Wouldn't this banning of hydroxychloroquine negatively affect illegals too? Are Democratic governors killing illegals through medical malfeasance?

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Currently the top sticky:


And I haven't been a big fan of Birx but she already addressed the consideration of DNR in yesterday's conference. She firmly insisted there was no need.

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They should owe America at least $1 trillion for this shit, and that's just America. China is now officially the asshoe of the world.

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Notice how uncomfortable Birx got when Trump was taking about frauds working to hurt America... This woman is dangerous. Watch her closely.

And here she goes getting gooey over Millennials again. Weirdo.

Amazing Polly has Birx's number: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkHDj7eUb60

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Not Chicago, but:

A CBS17.com investigation found that during the week of March 7-14, the number of calls to Raleigh Police dropped by more than one third when compared to the same week in each of the previous four years.


Some crime goes down when everyone is at home, like homicide and burglary. I could see petty crimes like theft or vandalism become more and more common as money runs thin. I imagine rates of domestic violence have increased during this time too. All of this is going to be very bad later on. The only response to stopping crime will be heavy-handed martial law, which I'm sure is what every leftist wants right now.

This is the eye of the storm. We need to get back to work ASAP.

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They were just found out to be lying about how long this has been going and we're still reporting their numbers like chumps.

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Side of Beef being chucked in the background, watermarked and tiled.

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Epstein didn't kill himself...

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That's the message I see here regularly and that's the kind of message I have posted. I haven't seen people here saying that the disease itself is a hoax. That's the same angle that climate alarmists use to dismiss people who don't think the sky is falling.

Yes, be socially cautious, wash your hands, and don't cough on old people. No, don't live in a bubble, try to shift blame to Trump or split his supporters up when this is China's fuck-up, plain and simple.

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Yup. More headlines:

The Internet Can't Save Us From Loneliness in Pandemic... // Coronavirus Will Change How We Shop, Travel and Work for Years... // Mexico frets about U.S. spread, could restrict border... // Drive-thru testing begins... // So Popular Had To Be Shut Down... // 4 hour wait in Denver! // PHOTOS: Run on grocery stores in NYC... // DELTA slashes flights by 40%... // Life upended... // POLL: Two-thirds concerned about contracting... // Sex Workers Facing Increasingly Risky Conditions... // BUCHANAN: Will virus kill New World Order?

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That's been the theory since before the election. They're all just as awful.

I watched a conference with that so-called committee. There was basically no info, no precautions taken by the government for either travel or healthcare -- which is low-capacity and otherwise low-quality on a good day. Chrystia Freeland was impressed with herself for not fucking up her French too badly so at least there was some improvement made that day...

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Thousands of people have summer camps in Vermont, you bigot.

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"The average age of death is 80." And only 26 dead.

Tell that to Tim Pool. "Experts Warn Coronavirus Could KILL 80 MILLION, Globalization Is COLLAPSING Due To The Pandemic." And: "Expert Warns Coronavirus 'Most Frightening Disease' Ever Seen." Give me a break, beanie boy.

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A while back, someone on T_D reminded me of a great saying: 'Don't take criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice from.' Anyone who doesn't have a problem with Islam is someone who doesn't have an opinion about religion worth a shit to me.

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There would have to be non-stop rioting all across the U.S. for the numbers to come even remotely close to 150 million in a year. That's about twice as many as were killed in WWII. Come the fuck on, Democrats.

Everyone makes mistakes. That's why pencils have erasers. Stupidity is knowingly making those mistakes without correction. Democrats really are this stupid. She won't correct herself here, just like all the other leftist mathemagicians like Bernie or AOC.

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Don't forget to tip your husband, Liz!

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He was right yesterday at CPAC: Mini (and Tom) got their money taken right out from under them by Democrats and they treated them like shit the whole time. And they gave the worst debate performances I've ever seen.

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