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There is so much wrong with this one. Not everyone is able to have a savings, we all pay taxes and should be given assistance when needed. Regardless of having a job or not, there are taxes being taken out. This pandemic is going to affect many people and to be honest I don't even know how long we're going to be in this state. Information has been changing daily, and sometimes hourly. Originally NJ was expecting a couple weeks, and now we're expecting to be returning to normal in April. Depending on how the rates go, we could be even longer. Who the fuck knows anymore. I'm glad I still have a job, I am not worrying about paying my bills right now, I am actually earning double pay from this.

But back to this, savings will only take a person so far. These kinds of situations are exactly what we should be utilizing the government for in terms of payment. I pay taxes out of my asshole, if I am forced to paying taxes I want the help in return if I need it. This will help throw some CPR into the economy as well, won't help keep it pumping more, but it will help out while we deal with all these shut downs.

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Same here, it's annoying. I'm an essential employee, so I get to work anyway. However the main thing I am trying to figure out is if I get double pay for this. When the school closes I get double pay and this is a curfew so idk. It discusses weather but ultimately it's emergency closings