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And in the book 3001, it's confirmed to be an advanced civilization's machine capable of evolving or destroying civilizations. Good stuff.

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The monolith isn't about time travel. It's a representation of a tool used to progress or evolve lifeforms.

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For one glorious second, I thought it said "prosecuting" Hillary Clinton.

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If they really "honor you exactly as you are..."

Why would you have to change your gender?

Congratulations, "church." You've just reinforced to this child that something is wrong with him and the only way he'll ever feel happy is if he changes literally every single thing about him into something completely different. Now that's tolerance.

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Unless they siphoned that many votes from him in 2016?

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We already HAVE "free" education.

It's called public school!

And the kids can go for twelve goddamned years.

How about instead of tackling college, we figure out how to fix the freaking public schools so the kids come out learning more than how to hate America while they eat and/or huff their glue?

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This is the sort of thread we should have every day--the "Corrected Headline Of The Day." Find out what the current talking points are - refute them with the facts - and correct the headline.

Great work!

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Each one was lovingly sealed in a padded priority mail envelope and delivered to the polling station on the backs of a dozen pure white doves.

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If they overturn these states, it will be on technicalities--a lack of poll watchers observing the counting, ballots received after specific dates etc. The dry, bland, and boring technical stuff is how we win, and it will infuriate the left with screams of bureaucracy and fascist red tape. And that's fine. We can look into the actual voting systems and programmable bugs once we secure the house/senate/whitehouse.

However, it's important to note that some of the critical states passed rulings on ballot signatures. PA, for instance, doesn't require that the signatures match. So let's not chase that lead too far as it likely won't get us where we need to go. Focus on the procedural irregularities. Those are the laws set by the state governments and are the easiest for a court verify/reject.

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Oh, interesting. I didn't see the restrictions on Philly. I'm only getting the news on the western half of the state. That's something to keep an eye on though. I can't figure out their game this time around.

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Are you crazy? PA can't lockdown now - not with the potential overturning of the election due to unverifiable vote counting. Wolf will need bodies in the streets, and if he tells the liberals to fear the covid too much, they won't show up when we take the state.

PA was one of the first states to go on lockdown, and they stayed locked down for longer than other states. The fact that it isn't locked down now shows that they need to keep the option open for protests.

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You're sliding the forum by railing against it.

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So far, the arguments I've seen are that the posts are meant to be a distraction.

How do we know the posts railing against the trans-stuff aren't also a distraction?

By repeating this argument like the other dozen threads started like it, you've just slid the entire board into another unrelated discussion.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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Of course it was. What happens when people wear a mask all day? They constantly touch their face. What was the one thing we are not supposed to do during a pandemic? Touch our faces!

The mask mandates will result in the spread of more viruses in general because we're constantly fiddling with our masks, touching our faces, and the idiots in society will think they're completely immune to any sort of illness because they wear a magical mask to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week without washing it.

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I'm old enough to remember when he was a conservative and super pro-life. Reddit hated him for a good minute after that came out.

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I was worried before, but I wasn't scared. Now...my jimmies are getting a little too rustled for my liking.

This is a very bold thing for Biden to do.

I'm hoping that this was a call simply to demand vocal support or he'd axe their financial support and not a call demanding military allegiances.

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Covid is any more dangerous than it's ever been -- but it's an amazing tool the leftists can use to lock down cities and prevent the right from rising up and marching on DC and other major cities. That's why they're only citing the next 3-4 months. Covers the recounts, court cases, and inevitable inauguration of either candidate.

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At this point the democrats are simply running up the score and adding votes for the sake of votes. That way, if the lawsuit succeeds and the ballots are thrown out, the leftists can point to a scary high number of "disenfranchised voters" and have reason for their supporters to take to the streets.

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This is all part of the democrats' plan.

Giuliani stated that without GOP representatives observing the ballot counting - as is mandated by PA law - at least 450k ballots cannot be verified. As a result, the Supreme Court can, and probably will, invalidate them. If other states have similar laws or the GOP can demonstratively prove fraud (poll workers filling in absentee ballot data, dead votes, voting machine issues, etc), the election will flip.

And the democrats know it.

They want it to happen.

Having a Biden presidency does nothing for their base - and it certainly doesn't do much to progress their agenda with a republican house/senate. While he might be able to do a couple executive orders to move their ultimate goals forward, they will have absolutely no one on the left interested in politics anymore. The average American liberal will immediately turn off the news, stop reading the politics bullshit on Reddit, and go about their lives as ignorantly as they did during Obama's term. This is good for hiding crimes, but bad for fundamentally changing America.

However, if the democrats are willing to literally burn the country down...what better way to energize their base than with Donald Trump "stealing" the election via corrupt courts, installing himself as a de facto dictator (as declared by the leftist media, of course), and then having the 70 million democrats take to the streets to declare their outrage?

Winning this election does nothing for the leftists. But declaring that their victory was stolen by that evil fascist Trump motivates the unmotivated to froth at the mouth and begin the civil unrest.

And hell. Say that happen. Say they win. Say the leftists take to the streets and forcibly removing a "Dictator" from the White House.

Why, that allows all sorts of wonderful things to happen for the democrats.

The pesky electoral college which has caused eight years of strife - gone in favor of a purely "democratic" popular vote.

That slanted, partisan, political supreme court - gone in favor of more "balanced" judges installed on the bench.

The second amendment - gone, too damn dangerous to allow those who'd support a dictator to be armed.

The first amendment - gone, we can't allow these far right fascists to congregate and spread their message in person or online.

We're not thinking broadly enough about the potential disasters from this election. A Biden presidency doesn't achieve nearly enough for the left's agenda. And now that the democrats know how insanely popular Trump actually is...four years of Biden drooling at the mic won't be enough to prevent a true conservative outsider from doing this again. We've pushed the left into a corner, and they have one of two options.

A mundane Biden presidency stymied for 2-4 years with a republican held senate...

Or something that will finally crush the country to their will forever.

Do not be surprised if the Supreme Court invalidates PA's votes.

I firmly believe that's exactly what the democrats want to happen.

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My best guess: they're going to ask the courts to invalidate all ballots received after a certain period of time as there were no republican/gop poll workers present to verify the votes.

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