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Agreed. I also don't agree with Trump on absolutely everything no matter what. I love him as a president, and think he's been the best in modern history - but I hold my own opinions, not Trumps. If you think that's a bad thing, you're literally no better than democrats. Trump supporters are a broad range of people from all walks of life, and we're here to discuss that - that's what makes us such an amazing community. We're a true representation of America: A giant melting pot

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You sound like a redditor, do you even know why you don't like CA or are you just parroting talking points you've heard?

CA helped Trump get elected in 2016 by using big tech's data against them

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Reddit already talks shit about black rifle nonstop purely because they're seen as conservative. They fucked up if they think there's any possibility of widening their base

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Crowder should drop them immediately

He won't have to, the whole point of the article is that Black Rifle dropped their sponsorship with Blaze, which is who Crowder is with

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Even before the election there was already reports the DOJ was afraid to do anything about Obamagate because they feared retaliation if Biden won. So now with the media forcing the Biden win, the DOJ isn't going to do shit.

The DOJ was the weakest part of Trump's first 4 years, and if he manages to pull this one off he needs to do a complete overhaul of the DOJ before moving on to anything else

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I guarantee there will be plenty of things "that normally do happen every election, but somehow didn't happen for this one"

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Yet they ignore the fact that the night of the election AFTER several democrat strongholds just randomly stopped counting, the NYT election homepage had Trump at an 82% chance of winning. Then less than 12 hours later, Everything is flipped upside down as these democrat counties start reporting insanely absurd high percentages for Biden, percentages not even found in the strongest democrat counties around the states that did report in time.

It still blows my mind how we went from the night of the 3rd, where the leftist media was downtrodden after experiencing another ass whooping, not realizing the democrats would do the unthinkable, which was to cheat so fast and hard that it would be obvious. Then once they realized that the DNC was actually going to do it, the media took the narrative back under control and started acting like Trump never had a chance and began helping the democrats hide their insane cheating - just hours after they had basically accepted defeat.

Seriously though, even places like The Young Turks had accepted defeat and started calling hispanic people white supremacists for voting for Trump. Then you wake up in the morning and it's "oh yea, Biden had this in the bag the whole time, what are you idiots talking about? Trump never had a chance. Yea just ignore the fact he was leading by 8 points with less than 20 percent of the vote left in that state"

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Reform them ALL. FBI, CIA, NSA, CDC, FCC, FDC, if it gots three 3 letters it needs reform, including the USA - the communists and the traitors need to be dealt with

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Even more damning is how even some of the most well known democratic counties in the country (that don't have voting discrepancies) aren't just 4% for Trump

I think the thing that is going to bite them in the ass is the turnout for Trump. They didn't expect to have to cheat this much, so they closed down for the night to hash out a new plan. They probably cheated more than they originally planned, hopefully making it very obvious to notice

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No matter who you want to win this election, if the type of stuff we've seen doesn't scare you about the security of the election than I don't know what will. It's a terrible process that needs an overhaul NOW. Every single person in the country should support a more transparent, more secure election process

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ready to be burned at the crematorium outside the "Four Seasons"

This is the terrifying part. We saw videos of ballots being ripped up and thrown away on the very night of the election. The more time passes the better the chance they have of destroying ballots and evidence.

I don't give a fuck who you want to win the presidency, if this unorganized circus of a process for the election of the most powerful country in the world doesn't terrify you, then you're a moron. Every single person in the country should want a more transparent process, no matter the benefactor

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Obviously we're not alone in this but same here. I used to hate it, I was young and thought talk radio was boring. Then when I got into my older teens and I was kind of liberal, not like crazy liberals today, and still had some conservative views but considered myself more liberal, I thought I was intelligent and knew everything about the world and thought Rush was brainwashing my mom.

Then slowly liberals started becoming more insane and going further and further left and being far more open about their true intentions. The 2016 election season really woke me up. If I didn't hold EVERY liberal value I was a nazi. They were pushing me away, especially on reddit. I started getting into politics more and more with all the crazy shit going on and started realizing more and more I identify way more with conservatives. Came across the_donald and I truly woke up to it all. Still didn't vote in the 2016 election (to be honest I didn't think there was a chance in the world Trump could win but I still wasn't THAT motivated about politics either), but then in 2018 I voted for Cruz to help stop Beto and in 2020 voted in my first presidential election in my mid 30s for none other than Trump. I've been listening to Rush of my own free will for a few years now. He's one of the best. God bless that man, and Trump

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Here's another MUST WATCH video. A leftist european talking about why you can't trust digital voting. It's a great breakdown of how EASILY digital votes can be altered/deleted without anyone knowing. The truth is, we need a complete audit of ALL our voting systems, in every state. We can't trust the deep state, so why would we give them the opportunity to be able to do something like undercut our voting system so easily.

Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't deleted this video yet, but I saved it just in case

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More of just a lack of faith in our system, which has failed us constantly for decades, but especially in the last 4 years.

I'm keeping my hopes high, but it's hard to not have shaky expectations with how deep the swamp is and how we're fighting the system as a whole and not just democrats, it's both democrats and republicans fighting against a Trump presidency, and foreign institutions helping them as well.

I still have faith, and will do whatever I can to help spread the message and take action where I can. But you have to understand why people have such little faith in a system where Hillary, Obama and Biden still run around free as bird after committing all sorts of treasonous crimes while they do everything they can to stop Trump

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It will come down to the courts and a solid investigation with heavy support from really good lawyers

The reality is these changes to the election "due to covid" should have been attacked immediately. The weakest part of Trump's first term was his DoJ, and now that weakness could end up being the deciding factor to if the dems are able to steal the election. Barr should have been on top of these changes to the elections, challenging the infrastructures capabilities of switching to a completely different process just months before the election, and at the very least working to make them as transparent as possible.

Barr failed Trump in so many ways, and this could end up being the biggest failure of them all for him. We needed action, and Barr opted for strongly worded letters most the time. The best way to prevent this would have been to get ahead of it and put things in place BEFORE the election

Now we have to rely on the courts actually recognizing the fraud, and it won't be an easy fight. It's still possible, but it's an upward battle since this is having to take place AFTER the fact, and not getting ahead of it

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Their original argument doesn't hold ground anymore either. Even if only .01% of ballots are fraudulent that's enough to swing close races

Of course we know it's much more than that, because that's the reason they fought for mail-in ballots so hard.

Mail-in ballots due to covid never should have been allowed. If we can go to the grocery store, we can go vote. We don't make special rules for bad flu years, covid doesn't deserve rule changes either

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Still important to make sure, this is going to be close, and if we cap Arizona then Michigan and Wisconsin don't matter and we can't fight them for fun to show the world how dems are cheating, fraudulent scum who need to be arrested

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Oh sorry, we gave a pen to the illegal in line before you. He'll get the kidney your brother intended to give to you

Would you like a food stamp while your wait for your disease to kill you?

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If we win AZ it's over for them, MI and WI will just be fought to show their fraud. Lets go ARIZONA!

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So sad about Crenshaw. Had so much potential but one of the first important votes he had showed he's just another RINO. Really disappointing and I wish the non-rino republicans would call him on it

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