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Seems they are hung up on the word “deliberately”, which makes their “false” rating technically true. This is how the fake news operates, folks.

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This guy is exactly what inspired my post. Skip movies and focus on work and family. Result? Better paying job, happier & healthier family, greater appreciation for hearth & home.

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Doesn't make me sad - just says that Conservatives have stopped watching movies altogether. This is GOOD. Movies are a waste of our lives.

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I understand your position but I trust nobody but myself and the Lord. I hope and pray that Trump & his team have it in them to carry us through this but I cannot use the word “trust”, unfortunately.

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All too real, unfortunately. Here's what some folks need to realize, however: gun confiscations are already starting while patriots "trust the plan". Makes you think...

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And most of us free thinking males appreciate your empathy. We need more outspoken beautiful women like you to help us restore the notion that it’s okay to appreciate beauty and it’s also okay to welcome that appreciation. Those at the bottom of the hierarchy will screech at us both but we must stand strong and burn those vampires with the sunshine of your good looks and our acknowledgement of them.

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The occult elite continue to flagrantly taunt us while we continue to just make posts about it on the internet and then go back to work. Are we truly this helpless or are we just cowards?

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What I appreciate about your post is that you are an obviously attractive woman who doesn’t resent men for finding you attractive. This is extremely relevant to our time and our movement because post modernism is all about destroying hierarchy, of which you are clearly in the top 20% when it comes to natural, instinctive attraction (can’t see your face, so forced to cast a wide range). Anyone who tries to bash you in this thread clearly does not understand how post modernism has attempted to destroy our notion of beauty and shame the beautiful into the shadows.

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This post would have been scrubbed from r/T_D. Win keeps getting better every day. Keep it coming, pedes.

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Have we? Maybe I missed all the threads talking about this? I feel like our focus has been on votes and voters. I had no idea the electoral college could be swung by illegals without them ever casting a vote. This blew my mind.

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You’re right about the 2020 election impact but that’s not really the point. This is a long con to steal the country out from under us by packing blue states with illegals, gaining electoral college votes and reducing republican chances of ever winning the presidency again. As for TX, Cruz only won by 3% over Beto.

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Appreciate the advice and I’m right there with you. We might not lose in 2020 but this seems to imply a slow march to permanent control by the Globalists no matter what happens in 2020. Trump won by 100 electoral votes in 2016. This reported shift would reduce that to 80. Over 10-20 years, it’s possible no Republican could ever win again.

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Hang on: that’s not the focus here. The right will permanently lose the House and the presidency if this continues. Don’t focus on the old narrative, this seems to open up an entirely new one: the Dems/Globalists don’t need to abolish the electoral college, they simply need to pack their states with illegals who never even have to vote, they simply need to exist.

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A better title for this article: American moviegoers suffer through worst movies in four decades rather than see one that actually matters.

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Nothing strange about it. ALL of our institutions have been infiltrated. That’s how they’ve gotten as far as they have.

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Thanks, patriot. Had to clear my cache to see the mega upvote button. ??

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Great ideas, patriot. Screen shotted your post for your ideas and will reference when memeing. KAG!

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Yeah, fair point on attacking from all sides. I was too extreme in my opinion. No reason we can’t continue to mock his buggering of Barack but we need memes that mock him as woman as well. I think that’s really important to our victory in 2020.

As to your second point, Rookie_2 nailed it but left out that she wouldn’t just be the first woman prez, she’d be the first black woman prez. If you know anything about the progressive stack, you know how black women can do no wrong.