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Or teach them how to deal with traitors.

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What are you talking about blue districts? Do you think this is the first time they indulged in election fraud. They do it everytime but only in amounts enough for them to win unlike the gargantuan mistake they made this time. Regardless that means many of these so called blue districts are not blue at all. They are at best swing districts and most probably red ones.

We have no way of knowing how many actual legitimate votes there are and how many were fraudulent over the years. Blue and red districts are just media jargon right now.

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This will be the most closely monitored election in US history, from start to finish.

They don't mind committing fraid in the open, as they have the MSM and Big Tech in their pockets.

Only two things can stop them, a light shone on them from the media/social media and well you know the other option.

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To do that using the military you need to remove the traitors from the military including anti Trump Mark Milley.

What the fuck is he doing at liberal think thank Brookings.

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Contact this faggots office here Phone 202-225-3635

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I pray every day that it never comes to it,

Being on the right side you are probably not gonna die but kill. You might even have some fun.

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Without fixing the problem and allowing a Manchurian candidate to get into office means there will never be a fair election in the future and your votes don't matter. Why wait until they make their hand stronger?

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I think its a warning shot to not try anymore fuckery.

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Posts unrelated to website.

You can have rules for your website. TOS will still exist, but the TOS has to be legal is all. The problem right now is twitter giving the appearance of being universal and non biased while in reality being a leftist safe space. If they make a rule saying its for leftist garbage only it would not be a problem.

SPAM bots The above applies to this too.

On top of it, Yes you can ban them without becoming a publisher but it would require spam comments to be defined well.

We already have the CANSPAM act for emails and am sure SPAM comments can be added to that or a new rule made for it

The idea that this makes moderation impossible is a false narrative. It just flushes the commies out of the hole and come out in the open.

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You could say that about any other year except 2020. Peoples lives have been affected severely due to the lockdowns and rules.

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Be careful. Remember the Reform party that Trump also joined. Republicans infiltrated it and destroyed it from inside. The biggest problem for a new party will be to identify the infiltrators.

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If you pull a post, or ban a user cause they're being a douche (as we do here sometimes) then what, you're a publisher now?

You give other users the tools to fight it but no more safe spaces. It will push a lot of people out of social media which is also great. If a user is being a douche you learn to deal with it. Everywhere will be like the chans. It will exist.

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Oh I agree, I mean their view of the world is a fantasy that doesn't match with rality.

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If we win but the communist leftists don't see what happened, we will not have solved the problem.

Communist lefties are never going to see what happened. They live in a different fantasy world. The only time tested way to solve the problem is helicopter rides.

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To make them sit like complacent docile idiots that are not a threat to the deep state.

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