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KFC is by far the greasiest chicken in fast food.

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Guy probably doesn’t even have covid. Those tests are extremely inaccurate

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Candace Owens and Kanye tried to tell people.

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Always thought he had the bloated face of a steroid user. Seems jacked under his big ass suits.

Guys always been a snake in the grass.

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Never said he didn’t love this country. It’s obvious he does for all the opportunities America has afforded him.

Just that he loves himself and his money more.

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Hannity reportedly makes 40 mill a year between tv and radio.

Loves himself and his pay checks more than this country

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Fox News has been a disappointment for a while. After they rolled over like a bunch of bitches last week I’ll probably never go back to watching anything on there besides Tucker and Waters.

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If you’re going to insult a stranger on the internet google the difference between “your” and “you’re” first.

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Man thanks for all the red pills. I had no idea you were the dispenser of so many woke red pills. Obnoxious.

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Do you need to confess that while you were locked up Frank touched you in bad places?

This case has video evidence, not he said she said. I can’t feel an ounce of sympathy for the guy. His suffering should have began as soon as cuffs were placed on him.

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Thanks for the lecture. Guess I’m evil for hoping he is suffering right now as much as the family members of the victim.

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Hope the pathetic loser who murdered him is getting raped by his cell mate day and night.

Knowing the left he would probably enjoy that too much though.

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We protest by honking horns. They protest by burning down buildings and stealing washing machines.

Yet we’re the “uncivilized” ones

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That’s an energy clearance. Non the less Q people will nut themselves

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Also a life time democrat. They pissed off the wrong guy

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4D chess. Possible Trump knew this quote from Biden when he said it. Either that or a huge coincidence.

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