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I like hotties for Trump.

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The justification was Obama is a pussy

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You've hinted at some sort of otherworldly "they" that's commanding Levin to be for a couple things that turned out to be mistakes.

Ok honey.

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A Jew likes Israel? Holy fucking shit!

A lot of people were for Iraq. We assumed is would be a quick in and out like Bush Sr.

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Maybe I missed that show but the times I've listened to Levin he's been solid

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It means he's about to grant all our Christmas wishes via Obama style EOs that retarded Justice Roberts said is totally okay now.

Trump is going to do all of this by October. And release the Durham report. And indictments. You think you know winning? You don't know winning yet.

A lot of people are going to have their ill-gotten gravy trains taken away, and they're going to be murderously unhappy about it.

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I remember when he went to Sweden. That was the big one for him.

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Unfortunately not otherwise she wouldn't have been around to be elected, you know?

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I live in New York State. I can't wait to have my taxes jacked up to cover this financial hit.

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If only the virus were half as deadly as the media makes it out to be...

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I think it's more conservatives and those leaning conservatives become hardcore conservative after being forced to pack up their lives and start anew.

Liberals are just sitting there watching the city burn thinking "ahh, diversity."

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I thought you were going to say "and burn their house down while they're sleeping" but shaming them publicly works too

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We are all classical liberals. Equality under the law, not equity under welfare. Rights are inalienable. The government does not give you rights, it protects those rights.

The word liberal in America really means leftist authoritarian. Everyone will be the same no matter how much government force is necessary to achieve it.

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