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Collins, Murkowski, Romney, etc are why Republicans always lose. If this were Democrats picking in this scenario you wouldn't see a single Democrat say not to vote.

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Eh, until he proves otherwise. All talk. No action. Unless things are going on behind the scenes, too much TV time and not enough actually being done with him.

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If they treated Kavanuagh with respect, I'd be 50/50 on if they should move now, but with how they treated him....I would use that as the only reason why I give of moving forward now with a nominee. They were against him before Trump even nominated him. What they put that man and his family through was sickening.

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You know impeachment and how they treated Kavanaugh were negative for Dems because Biden and their media hacks never talk about it anymore.

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Remember how poorly Kavanuagh and his family were treated.

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People like Murokowski is why Republicans lose. Already coming out saying she won't vote for a new Justice. If it was a Democrat that'd be starting the process already. Pathetic how they are weak.

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Why wasnt it reported at all that she was this sick? Did it happen this fast?

Shame its all politics by Schumer right away.

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How they use China Virus is SICK. We have NOTHING to compare how Trump has done. How do we know he didn't save millions of lives? I am sick of Biden and media saying things as fact. Reminds me of Kamala saying why she said Biden was racist was because it was a "debate." They just say things to help them, true or not.

If this virus never came here, they would have NOTHING to run on. People have to remember how things were going before this "virus".

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What was the deal with Melissa Francis today when Newt Gingrich brought up Soros. Very very strange.

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Media doesnt want things to get back to normal. They now dont want a vaccine. Tired of their games.

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Exactly. Just endless cycle. They want fear and continue to stir the "new normal". They don't want things to change back to normal.

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Why the heck media pushing a mask more important than vaccine now? Just going in circles. Its unreal the crap they pull. But no mentions of therapeutics.

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You can tell how they all coordinate.

And that last shouting about law and order/breaking the law prime example of how these people aren't journalists. They are operatives.

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just like with Sarah Sanders and many other women in the Trump Admin. Heck, KAC was the first female campaign manager to win and that wasn't even mentioned. Only their narrative.

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Back to corona because the military thing didnt work and race plan ran it course for time being

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Corona to race to corona to race to corona to race to corona

They keep jumping back and forth on these two issues. Seems all coordinated to me, as we shift to corona coverage again.

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Sickening how they made virus political. More they act like this the more question entire thing.

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Back to blaming Trump for Virus.

He was listening to experts. Remembee their golden boy Fauci was will saying cruises were safe early in year.

Sickening how they jump from one thing to next.

Perhaps if congress was focused on virus and not fake impeachment.

Hate how they blame Trump. We have no clue how someone else would have done. It could been 2 million with another President.

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theres likely a reason she was picked to cover Clinton camp in 2016 election for Fox News.

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Should have included the death to america chant parade.

This needs to run on TV.

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