Bmorepirate [S] 4 points ago

Yeah but it's also a waste of time.

Ok, let's say Trump loses. Flynn gets pardoned between November and Jan.

No one cares. Do they really believe their own noise that Trump is stupid?

Bmorepirate [S] 21 points ago

I thought I had seen just about everything.

These fuckers will not give up. They must be destroyed wholely and completely by the justice Durham is readying for delivery.

Bmorepirate [S] 3 points ago

Something something "end run around the constitution [on 2A]"

Anyone else remember that line? Always thought it was related to this...

Bmorepirate [S] 82 points ago

I'm surprised Obama's butthole puckering didn't cause the galaxy to collapse this week.

Bmorepirate [S] 3 points ago

My experience in Baltimore is that the only thing African Americans like less than gay African Americans in Baltimore, is Asians.

The very people who are brave enough to continue to run many of the corner stores across all parts of the city.

Bmorepirate [S] 9 points ago

Optical character recognition, actually.

Beyond that, isn't it weird ODNIs PDFs were OCR'D perfectly, but HPSCI's have kerning issues (fucking up transcribing images to text in the ocr process turning M's into RNs

Bmorepirate [S] 49 points ago

I'm betting gang of 8 Intel reports to Congress re Russia, proving Schiff was lying for years and knew better

Bmorepirate [S] 2 points ago

Definitely didn't get a flu shot this year for the first time in a decade, just because I typically got it at my office and now I work from home.

No flu, no rona, but I'm a bad anecdotal data point, because I work from home the majority of the time (even prior to COVID-19)

Bmorepirate [S] 3 points ago

Well, that's one sure way to get protests.

Streisand effect incoming

Bmorepirate [S] 10 points ago

Fair, meant mRNA vaccines of which most covid candidate are: entirely novel.

Also consider the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of typical flu vaccines (non-mRNA) and the amount of mutation that occurs rendering them at best ~65% effective each year depending on strain probability.

A vaccine is not likely the cure all, and to say normalcy is tied to it is fucking moronic.

Bmorepirate [S] 14 points ago

Lol that's probably my favorite line:

well, market forced have never demanded one more!

Right, like you retard leftists think you understand capitalism now, and that there wasn't enough profit motive before to solve the RNA virus problem with high efficacy...

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