BlueSaltMiner [S] 1 point ago

Just French president Macron trying to become popular again by shuffling some posts. Not that relevant.

BlueSaltMiner [S] 2 points ago

Luckily the virus is weak right now, much weaker than in April. So the mortality rate continues to go down. In two weeks, it will re-open again.

BlueSaltMiner [S] 1 point ago

Yeah, we can do two things: broaden the base or maximize voter enthusiasm. We are doing the former, poorly.

BlueSaltMiner [S] 5 points ago

Yeah, and it shows you care. NJ (or any other D-controlled state) will not change the rules for the upcoming election anyway. So an angry tweet/letter won’t suffice.

BlueSaltMiner [S] 4 points ago

It is NOT about Biden it is about anti-Trump. It is NOT about the 40% pro-Trump voters, it is about the 15% that we don’t see.

BlueSaltMiner [S] 16 points ago

Just do the EO. Who cares it doesn’t hold ultimately. Obama didn’t mind either.

BlueSaltMiner [S] 1 point ago

Hope you are right. But conservatives are attacked at the moment, sometimes physically, and are afraid to speak out because they are scared (for their job, for their wellbeing). Republicans did nothing in the culture war that we lost in a week or two. We can only hope stupid democrats overplay their hand, bigly. Because whatever the current strategy is, it isn’t working.

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