BlowerEricCiaramella [S] 3 points ago

Saw one there saying if the Senate "covered for Trump" then it would be "open season on Republicans".

Im sure spez gave it a two thumbs up.

BlowerEricCiaramella [S] 6 points ago

I do, but "hot" should still be worth looking at more than once a day.

BlowerEricCiaramella [S] 4 points ago

Not all gays are faggots and not all faggots are gay.

BlowerEricCiaramella [S] 32 points ago

Is she even black? I thought she was Indian.

BlowerEricCiaramella [S] 13 points ago

Omg this is how Muslims are treated in the UK?? Need more laws protecting them and giving them special privileges.

BlowerEricCiaramella [S] 10 points ago

On reddit, the narrative is that Republicans cheat elections. It's always fascinated me how people manage to come to that conclusion.

The party that pushes for ways to prevent cheating like voter ID does it, but the party that fights against voter ID with a laughable "its racist" argument are the ones who play fair.

Makes perfect sense.

BlowerEricCiaramella [S] 15 points ago

The whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella.

BlowerEricCiaramella [S] 3 points ago

Any time I get engaged seriously with a lib they end up walking away.

Walking away and ending the conversation = losing.

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