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Yours is fucking awesome too!!!!!

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Those were good times. These ARE good times.

The History of Trump will fill 20 volumes of 500 pages each.

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How do you fucking like that. Make it into a huge poster for your house!

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It's okay that this is not the big bomb. There is plenty of incriminating evidence out there. We just need to move from this to the real stuff, SOON. There is not much time.

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Yes but you're probably going to keep the the security footage that shows drunk Hunter Biden dropping off his laptop.

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What the fucking fuck.

RIP, Sgt Preston.

Was set to retire at the end of this year. Fucking animals.


Here's the real bullshit. The mainstream media stories just say he "responded to a domestic violence call." Nothing about how the thug had been detained and released prior to the incident.

Fuck the Harris DA to hell.

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Ah, thank you for the actual text.

"She told my therapist" - "she" is likely Hunter's ex-wife Kathleen

"the reason I can't have her out to see me" - "her" is their daughter

"When she [ex] was pressed she [ex] said that XXX [daughter] never said anything like that"

So it's the ex-wife complaining about Hunter's crack habits and facetiming with the daughter from bed and is afraid if the daughter visits, Hunter walks around naked and smokes crack. And she doesn't want daughter to see Hunter because of all this.

Not good. The family is fucked up thanks to Hunter's addiction and bad behavior with women (who are likely of age).


We need to focus on Joe's illegal activities with foreign governments. Yes Hunter is the conduit to that. Yes he is a fuckup but this dysfunctional family sideshow is counter-productive.

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Maybe I'm just not seeing it in the thread - but has the actual text been released? Do we have it?

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Honestly, I've said it before, but I wouldn't be surprised if Hunter actually did end up killing himself over this.

Doesn't matter though. It has to come out.

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You have to have an open mind to be a conservative, with the dominant culture always shouting you down and pressuring you to accept their views.

If we were closed-minded, we would be liberals.

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He wants the media to correct him. "Hurr durr it was four not three"

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I think you were comment 777. Not kidding. Username checks out.

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Not only that it hit 134K (the previous record) just as he was walking from the plane. By the time he got to the podium it was almost 141K. 7K in two minutes. Amazing

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