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Ever wonder what China would want with all that "personal information" they steal?

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Still waiting on a single hard nall question thrown #2 Joe's way by Cuck Wallace.

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An angry Lion is about to rampage in a toddler's playpen.... And you're worried for the cat?

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Sadly. This clip could be of Seattle from any point in the last 20 years.

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Just wait. We still have November 4th. The SCOTUS ruling for GEOTUS and then the inauguration.

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That tat will be a dandy conversation starter.... in the prison yard.

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"You can have it all, baby!" Is a lie.

Women like ACB, Candice Owens, Sara Palin to mention a few, just rubs their faces in that lie by just existing.

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This woman will be the President of the United States of America in a year.

If you don't fight back now. Vote as if your life depends on it (it does).

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The jailhouse surveillance video of her smuggling drugs to her boyfriend while he is in jail got shared with her boss.

Didn't charge her. Should have. They just tried to handle it quietly. That ended so well.

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