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“What if they all walk out?”

It would probably turn into a one on one interview with Chanel Rion which would result in thought provoking questions and a better press conference overall.

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Don’t forget the use of discourse over discussion. Discourse and discussion are NOT the same thing.

This is intentional and should be demonized whenever possible. More commie tactics

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Look, I’m not going to argue with you, but feel free to stop paying your mortgage and see if you still “own“ your property.

If another entity can reclaim something of yours because you haven’t paid for it, you don’t own it.

The sad reality is that even after you’ve paid off your mortgage, you still technically never own your property. As long as there are things like property taxes you will never own your property.

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You are the perfect example of the clusterfuck that is our current educational system.

Do you own a property? If so, do you hold the deed to the property, or does the lender hold the deed to that property?

Answer: The Lender

You are in the process of purchasing the property. This is why the lender can foreclose on the property if you don’t make payments.

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Sure as hell doesn’t make you straight

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I don’t know why you guys are laughing. You know that these people are going to move to your state even faster once Commiefornia enacts this bullshit

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Eagle Scout is impressive, but that mustache steals the show! Congrats on the title and the genetics

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Get rid of the text and replace that selfie stick with an AR. Easy fix

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This study is complete bullshit. It doesn’t list any of the negative side effects.

This is like saying, “New scientific study shows that chopping off both legs leads to instant weight loss!”

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This shit needs to be stopped. How many murderers and rapists have they released so far? Fight this, Pedes

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You could start your own practice. Could label it something like, “Conservative Physicians - We treat patients based on science.” No hormone treatments or any of that other bullshit.

You see what conservatives did for GOYA? That could be your practice.

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Obviously fake. Everyone knows Biden writes his notes in green crayon

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Agreed, but we should avoid civil war by all means necessary. Every day more and more leftists are seeing the error of their ways and switching sides. If shit ever does pop off, we want there to be as few casualties as possible.

Not to mention China is just waiting for a civil war to break out in the US. It would be a lot harder to defend a divided country.

Lastly, it’s important that we remember who the real enemies are. The crazy leftists are doing all the leg work, but they are merely pawns. Democratic/Communist leaders are the ones pulling the strings. They are taking advantage of these mentally retarded individuals and they’re using these individuals to push their agenda. They want us divided, and they want a civil war. Avoid a war as much as possible.

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Yeah, everywhere I look shit is either shit down or sold out.

I’m a little salty about everything being out of stock, but also have a slight chub from seeing the record breaking gun sales.

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Good man.

I’ve been looking for a DDM4V7, but everywhere I look is sold out.

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Your optic clears that light on top?

Solid rifle choice though!

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Under the ATF regulations you aren’t allowed to have a shoulder stock on a pistol. If you do, it’s considered an SBR.

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I have family in MN and they have received several requests to vote by mail

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