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That pic. I cant see his hands; so, it's possible hes wanking the easter lily.

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Because the 'results' have been certified.

Biden has enough 'certified' electoral votes to win. It's a game of prevent defense for the DNC. It's not over, but it's been 4 weeks of no results so far. There is only two weeks left. The FBI is doing nothing and Barr says he sees no issues.

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Elections are fake.

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They need to change the party name to the Untouchable Party.


  1. they break laws without any consequences,
  2. they can create 'facts' without evidence or proof,
  3. they are nowhere close to being Democratic or desiring to be Democratic.
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Imagine if they discovered a hard disk full of rock-solid, irrefutable, evidence. That would surely cause people to take notice huh

Just like the laptop from hell.

We've had shittons of evidence. The problem is noone gives a care. The DOJ, FBI, Media, the all dont care. It's like 1932 and a few people are screaming about Hitler being evil and needing to stop his accention to power.

It seems the world is destined to learn another lesson the hard way. If Biden is sworn in, then that's it. No more honest elections - at least at the federal level. They'll tidy up thier mistakes and expand thier operations.

The slow march to fixed senate & congressional ele tions begin Jan 21st. Tyranny is at hand. With a 'friendly' leadership in DC, China can move on Taiwan knowing that it's only real opponent will use its vast media resources to help the rest of the world cope with the ugliness of an invasion.

The irony is that if Trump does anything to stand in the way - he is the tyrant and seditionist.

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The governors already 'certified' enough electoral votes for Biden.

fucking idiot Governors took the cope bait "Go ahead and certify, then that will give Trump legal room to file for an audit and provide a path to challenge the election" thus giving the Democrats the high ground -- by default -- winning the election and enabling them to play prevent defense and trip-up the legal challenge by delaying the proceedings.

The DNC had this planned for years.

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of course!

FBI: "Hey Buddy!, wow!! great job!! If you give us the evidence, we'll get to work right away!!"

Matt: "Cool! It's nice to be acknowledged for doing something!! Here ya go!!"

FBI: "Great, we'll have a look and you can rest easy knowing we are doing everything we can to protect the integrity of our great nation."


Dec 5th (probably), Matt: "Hey, FBI. Uh, Dec 14th is a solid date. if nothing happens by then, then Biden kinda wins by default."

Dec 8th, FBI: "oh man! Matt, you did such an outstanding job! there is so much here to deal with. Rest assured our crack team of legal experts are working night & day to process the voluminous material."


Dec 12th, Matt: "Guys, WTF"

Dec 13th, FBI: "Matt, Due to significant allocations of assets by the WH executive branch, we simply do not have the man power necessary to process your information by the requested date. We have earmarked your information to be looked at in a future date to be determined after the change of administration."

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Lots of talk and evidence thrown around. Its been a month.

Dec 14th is a hard date - no chance of getting that moved.

4th quarter; ball on our 30 yard line; clock is 0:50; Democrats are playing prevent defense, and we're passing for 3 yard gains on each play.

The coup is taking place right in front of everyone on this planet. The power of the corporate media is staggering.

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this. They will settle for cash & a NDA.

The perpetrators get off the hook and the American tax-payers foot the bill so that attorneys can get their big checks.

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That occurred in 2016 when the DNC was caught red-handed rigging its primary -- and noone cared.

The FBI shrugged. The rank-and-file democrat voters shrugged. The media shrugged. The invalid 'winner' still received the nomination AND the woman who rigged the election went to work in the campaign of the nominee..

That was the sign, for me, that our elections have entered 3rd-world status. The democrats may not get the presidency this time, but the 'party machine' wont be punished. There will be no investigation into who-what-when-where-how the rigging got started and by whom. They will give up Joe and sleenk back into the shadows ever more wiser of the mistakes they need to fix and come back in the next election with a better plan..

We cant even get charges against a guy with a laptop full of rock-solid evidence and photograghs!

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I want him in jail. Now. And his wife. And his crackhead son.

If there was only some evidence that linked them to crimes. A laptop full of concrete evidence, such as emails and pictures, of solid crimes is apparently not enough in the minds of the leadership at the FBI & DOJ.

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Its thier first time rigging on this scale so mistakes and missteps happen. They'll learn from it and get it straight for next election. Just as they did with the COVID crap back in February. Thier first time. Trump turned it around, but they came back with the 'MUH SECOND WAVE' narrative and fixed their mistakes sending the COVID scare to the stratosphere and its been there ever sense.

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It's only been three weeks.. let's do something already.

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The purpose of that statement was to shift momentum from Nancy Pelosi's hair salon issue back to Trump.. to give the press something to chew on for a day or so until something else came along..

Everyone knew it was a BS story and it still worked like a charm. Republicans love to worry and wallow on defense. It worked so well that some are still consumed by that story to this day.

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Yeah, well, they might want to start doing something anyday now. The election was only 3 weeks ago. We're getting as much out of the election-fraud team as we are justice out of the DOJ.

I know this: if Biden is sworn in on Jan 20th, Trump will be perp-walked before the end of 2021, and lots of republicans are going to be indicted on federal "charges" as well as having lots of IRS issues.

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When I was in the military, a good half of the other people were degenerate assholes..

I'm sure they haven't changed once they got out.

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Do you know where I can find a machine to supplement my daily routine and clean my sleep-equipment without disassembly??

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The real coup is taking place.

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Its more than a stolen election - It is a coup.

The Shadow Government is here and making its move. Its pushing the cope narrative that Trump is still an effective force for 2024 hoping the RNC gives up and decides to put its effort into the next election.

If Biden is sworn in on Jan 20th, there will be no Trump 2024. The swamp is already working on significant 'charges' to bring against Trump and the inner circle. Don Jr, Mike Pence, ect..

If Biden is sworn in, Trump will be 'perp walked' within 3 months.

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Not traitors -- new owners showing thier true colors.

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