Birdlawyer85 28 points ago

Schiff's ultimate goal is to suck up as much as he can to Pelosi, so he can become the 5th family that controls California. The other 4 being the Brown, Newsom, Getty and Pelosi families.

Birdlawyer85 6 points ago

This. But I think the time has come for people to stop complaining like children to their parents and run for office. If you want something, do it yourself.

Birdlawyer85 3 points ago

This is what I love about POTUS. He is cleared eyed about reality and has his finger on the pulse. That's why he wins. He is constantly assessing reality.

Birdlawyer85 1 point ago

These people are criminals that hijacked highly valued positions of power. They framed and set innocent people up. They are dangerous. If ALL of them are not thrown in jail for decades, the US, as an experiment for freedom, is finished.

Birdlawyer85 1 point ago

Beijing Biden and his son, Crackhead Hunter.

Birdlawyer85 8 points ago

wow. Pure propaganda. It's so cheesy that it smells like China is behind it.

Birdlawyer85 2 points ago

I just hope that some people that are in the know will take a look at this theory. At least be aware of its existence.

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