Biggie_Smalls [S] 2 points ago

Would be great if she was looking for comfort in this trying time and decided to give me a call for a weekend of Cocktails, Sand and snuggling.

Biggie_Smalls [S] 2 points ago

Interesting development....... I'll need to keep track of further breaking news

Biggie_Smalls [S] 5 points ago

GIve her a good shagging... that should resolve it.

Biggie_Smalls [S] 2 points ago

If I'm Rush, I'm in and out of this show in under a minute.


Better Dead than Red.....
Pelosi is a CUNT

Be back tomorrow

Biggie_Smalls [S] 5 points ago

Why can't they develop a hottievirus... it causes young hot chicks to instantly ravish the soft bodies of middle aged males?

Biggie_Smalls [S] 2 points ago

And our last President was probably in this same position many times in his life... think about that!

Biggie_Smalls [S] 7 points ago

That's only true for some. Also vitamin D is an awesome substitute if you are sensitive to C.

Biggie_Smalls [S] 3 points ago


These Dems are all evil... every last damn one of them

Biggie_Smalls [S] 1 point ago

When you're on their payroll, you better do their work.


and I say that with all due respect

Biggie_Smalls [S] 3 points ago

Fuck the MSM.............. I have been saying this for decades before Trump and it's one of the main reasons why I supported this man above all others.


Biggie_Smalls [S] 2 points ago

All 3 of those men have sucked a cock..........allegedly

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