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Bigger balls on this gal than even Big Mike. We got this, pedes.

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Time and again, conservative companies, when faced with pressure from the left, cuck out -- failing to realize that doing so doesn't mean the left will suddenly welcome them in from the cultural cold, and the right will never trust their brand again

Understand that everything in this country is polarized now, from where you shop to what you eat to what clothing you wear. We're never going back to the "before" times again -- it's always going to be "us vs them".

We didn't get a say in this.

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"Training ourselves to ignore" is a funny way of saying "we screamed at the top of our lungs, dragged our feet and kicked and screamed every second of every day". And now they want us to concede. lol

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God forbid you fail to refer to His Majesty, Global President Elect of Seven Dimensions Joe "Two Sniffs" Biden as anything other than his bullshit media-bestowed title though

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"This is a political coup" You'd fucking know, Chunk

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"Hello there fellow centimeters! Since we're all based mega-pedias, be sure not to bail out on Tucker Carlson right now, okay? You can trust us! Sincerely, your friends at the Washington Post"

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Makes sense, actually. Or maybe it's a "devil you know" situation with him and Barr, and they'll both get sacked once the second term is a done deal. I wouldn't be surprised to see Donald go scorched earth when he gets re-elected.

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BREAKING NEWS FROM JIMMY ACUCKSTA: Hawaiian Judge to Strike Down Supreme Court Ruling or Something, Reeeee

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"We got laughed at" I can't possibly imagine why.

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Ben Shapiro isn't even a backstabber, he's a frontstabber. He's always been never-Trump. I trust him about as much as I trust Eggan McMuffin or Rick Wilson. As for Lauren she's a fucking leaf, and Tim Pool's a self-professed liberal. Don't even get me started on Shill Bitchell and Manic Mike Cernovich. Our causes occasionally aligned because of "enemy mine", but make no mistake, these people aren't our friends.

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I honestly think Cernovich has some real mood swings, he always seems up one day and down the next. Shame. Maybe he'll come around someday, but right now, President Trump's agenda is more important than ever. MAGA isn't for the fairweather friend.

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I really look forward to the montage videos after this shitshow's all said and done.

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Based anime salesmen. Glad to know we're not the only ones who think this is a crock of shit.

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Let's be real, the Dems are just planning an appeal to the Supremerest Court.

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