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"A more perfect union" is illogical, for example

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So how are the left downplaying all of this?

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lol at all the dirtbags in the press who won't have enough time to respond before everyone gathers round the dinner table to talk

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I hate to say it but we really need a Museum of the Censored here in the United States. They have gotten very, very good at scrubbing.

What if the digital archives we've all been forced to make this past decade had a physical home, a place where people curious about censored news could visit? A monument to the memory hole.

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If you're under prosecution, it's generally best to shut up. But there was no official gag order.

Mr. Jekielek: With respect to General Flynn, he’s been very, very quiet over quite a number of years. Recently, there were a few short interviews.

Ms. Powell: Yeah, they weren’t really interviews. He called into a few radio shows, before everything got turned upside down with Judge Sullivan not signing the order, just to say thank you to the American public and the radio hosts in particular, who have been so supportive of him and helped raise money for the defense fund. We’ve been operating off the generosity of the American people. A lot of the donations have been what I would call the widow’s mite [small but powerful].

Mr. Jekielek: Fascinating, and so is he under a gag order?

Ms. Powell: No, there’s no real gag order. But discretion being the better part of valor, he is full of valor; he has chosen to try to let the system work its way out. That’s what I’ve been determined to see happen to make the justice system itself work, and to pound on the Department of Justice to do the right thing here and restore its own reputation by moving to dismiss and acknowledge the wrong conduct of its agents and attorneys.

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Let's be real, a Biden presidency would last 5 minutes before it turned into a Kamala presidency

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I like the visual. I'm thinking of the dump trucks from Die Hard with a Vengeance.

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Trying to starve out a city is a poor strategy in the modern era.

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Thanksgiving iconoclasm.

Pilgrims are the oppressors, American holidays are oppressor holidays. Embrace your new globalist utopia identity, you gender neutral meat sacks!

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A person can live for nearly a month without food. They can live for a week without water. 4-5 days without sleep. A few hours without warmth. Minutes without air.

A combatant can do a lot of damage in a whole month before having to sue for peace.

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