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Yes, and we should be sending money to India and China so they can pollute less. Not labor or advise or innovation, just cold hard cash, preferably on pallets.

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This account only has 1 post, joined 34 minutes ago and their first post was concern trolling. If you think its a coincidence that CNN and users like this are both trying to remove Barr, think again. They are spamming our boards, with concern troll posts, in an organized manner, to make you lose trust in Trump's attorney general.

Let me tell you commies, I'll lose trust in William Barr when Trump fires him, until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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Sounds concerning. Can you mind explaining why the only thing censored that you posted was multiple concerning submissions about William Barr, on the same day CNN, ABC, NYT, MSNBC, NPR all published articles questioning Barr's integrity? While you here, can you also explain why the same 4-5 users keep posting the same thing, in each other's threads?

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Oh yeah really buddy? The chances of dying of polio are 0%???? How fucking brain dead are you?

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All you post is conspiracy shit that has nothing to do with Trump or MAGA, fuck off.

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Hello, this originated on 4chan and the screenshots are from a site used to create fake text messages. I for one am not going to be scared by fake texts accompanied with pokemon, thanks. This really, really is a fucking low effort post. Absolute garbage. I've seen messages scribbled on bathroom walls that had higher degrees of intellect than this fucking shit.

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