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Just wondering about the patriarchies in Somalia and Iran. Is the UN concerned about those?

Yeah didn’t think so. More western civilization / white people bashing that never ends.

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Haha thank you!! I’m a girl but yes I manned up for that scenario and have been doing so since the mandates were handed down from on high. Ready for the strange nightmare to end....

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Brilliant thank you. Yes I think he continued harassing me, and actually followed me into the store, because he knew I didn’t give a crap what he was telling me to do. It just sucks having to endure this. But yes, next time, they will feel my silent indignation a whole hell of a lot stronger. Imma be nice until it’s time to not be nice. Of course it won’t be at that Walmart where that sad little man works.

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We have a mandate in our state. I didn’t have it pulled up and was harassed 3x by a guard. That’s my point... those of us who don’t want to, and have gone against wearing them, get harassed and have to deal with this crap in front of our kids. Otherwise I would NEVER put one on. EVER.

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I don’t either. Honestly though I pull it up to get in the door. I tried calling several times to complain but no one answered the line—even with signage saying those with medical conditions are exempt.

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Adrenochrome overload: demonic toxicity 1000%

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After chumming it up in DC in massive RNC crowds, he came home to lecture Mississippians about avoiding gatherings over Labor Day weekend and extended the mask mandate. I hope voters remember how FAKE and PHONY this asshole is when his time comes. He would turn on a dime against Trump if he thought it was politically expedient.

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This is why so many of us were freaking out from the very beginning of the shutdowns and lockdowns. We knew democrats would take these measures and run with them and try to destroy anything good meant to come out of it. Turns out a lot of RINOs were just as happy to become little dictators as well.

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The pandemic would have ended back in March had we allowed and directed doctors to provide HCQ outpatient and prophylactically. Tens of thousands of people didn’t have to die.

“They” could not allow this. The FDA has shown itself to be a corrupt political bureaucracy in step with globalists and communists bent on destroying our country.

Not sure why there are only 3 senators this late in the game asking these questions and demanding answers but at least they are doing something now.... probably because there is so much empirical evidence on how safe and effective this drug is in the early stages of Covid.

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Hmm maybe they should try masks and goggles? That’s what Fauci suggested!

The point is not the mask. The point is we should not MANDATE people to wear masks. Little kids are breathing through thick cotton masks all day at school because of this idiotic line of thinking. Masks don’t protect against the virus. It’s a lie, and a “symbol”, to use Faucis words, because they denied actual prophylactic treatment like HCQ which would prevent elderly and those Immunocompromised people from getting sick.

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You’re joking right? They can wear a mask if they want. It’s not my responsibility to wear a mask for someone else’s health and the science is unproven. Actually the science is emphatically against mask wearing and always was until March 2020.

If someone is scared or elderly they can stay home, or they can wear a mask to protect themselves. If they work, it should be no problem!

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That could be it but also the insurers are stopping covering tests now unless people are within 5 days of symptoms onset. So essentially the insurance companies are tired of paying for the testing onslaught and the CDC subsequently altered its guidelines to make them happy.

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Insurers are starting to back off from paying for testing for anything other than first 5 day symptom onset. If CDC days there is no need for asymptomatic testing, then there is no need to mask asymptomatic people and CHILDREN for heavens sake.

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It sheds a light when the attacks on Trump’s life (that we know of) started after he wrote the EOs on cutting prescription drug costs. Of all things, that’s what it took.

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I honestly don’t care about anything until the masks are gone and HCQ is over the counter. There is no normal until we reject this horror show of government overreach and mass societal panic. After that’s done I’ll give a shit about the other stuff.

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