BetotheButtFuck 2 points ago

As long as its entertaining they will continue to do it. Their business is entertainment, not truth.

BetotheButtFuck 22 points ago

Early Daily Show when Colbert was a correspondent was absolutely hilarious.

BetotheButtFuck 2 points ago

I’m actually jealous of the generation that gets to read all these memes and tweets, in class, for the very first time. What a fun day of school that would be.

BetotheButtFuck 3 points ago

I brought my wife lunch today. She works in the ICU at a hospital in Los Angeles. She currently monitors 5 covid patients, two with ARDS that are on vents + paralyzed. The hospital is dealing with a growing number of cases day by day, most of them being homeless. There were four patients that died alone yesterday. Hopefully less will die today.

98% of America might be ready to get back to it, but it’s still consistent here.

BetotheButtFuck 19 points ago

Yup, you can still impeach a previous US President. I bet the Obama camp is in full panic mode now.

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ThIs WaSnT tHe WaY iT wAs sUPpoSed to WoRk oUt!!!!!!!! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! poop Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

potato moaning intensifies. <— That’s Greta getting upset about how the US hasn’t solved the global pollution problems according to her autistic standards.

BetotheButtFuck 6 points ago

Is there any way to block YouTube from asking me to try their shitty premium service, free, for one month?

BetotheButtFuck 11 points ago (edited)

I love how the Democratic strategy tonight is to cover their ears, close their eyes and scream “LIES” for an hour and a half. These people aren’t American they’re feckless cunts.

BetotheButtFuck 5 points ago

I swear, if Howard Schultz ran for President that Democratic Party would have split right into two. Socialist scum-bag fuck-faces on one side, moderate Democrats on the other.

BetotheButtFuck 2 points ago

She’d be influential, powerful and great at her job if she was smart. But she’s not, she’s an idiot. She’s the biggest dipshit that has ever been elected to Congress. She really is an asset to the GOP because I doubt that seat would ever turn red. Might as well fill it with the dumbest blue that you can find.

BetotheButtFuck 3 points ago (edited)

My god, the replies from these liberal retards are hilarious. They think they can tweet the fbi and he’ll go to jail ???. Why are these Americans so dumb???

BetotheButtFuck 3 points ago (edited)

So if the federal court has deemed the mandate unconstitutional then why is California requiring all of its residents to have insurance by next month?

For those without insurance in CA, you will be charged a $600 fee on your taxes. Do we have to sue the state and cite the ruling?

BetotheButtFuck 18 points ago

A bartender lecturing billionaires on how to be ethical. Ok, next you’ll expect me to believe an autistic 16 year old potato on climate issues.

BetotheButtFuck 3 points ago

An autistic 16 year old climate change expert. Only an absolute fucking idiot would believe that and I don’t waste my time with fucking idiots.

BetotheButtFuck 2 points ago (edited)

She’s not even an actress. She’s a whore that slept her way to a role in a shitty movie that hardly anyone has ever seen. Far from noble.

It’s funny how things just work themselves out, she has no place at the royal table.

If you still think she’s a decent person, perhaps you ask her ex husband?

BetotheButtFuck 10 points ago

Fuck this bullshit, do not let this sick fuck get away with it. I want to watch this mother fucker suffer.

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