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Accuracy levels at 100%

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This should get stickied so that any normies coming here to downvote can see this & choke on their own horrible choices for 2020

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Yes, he will win for sure.

Don’t get sucked into the MSM polls. Everyone I know who voted for him last time, are still doing so, plus more that have come onboard the Trump Train


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He’s got an excuse for everything.

I can’t wait for 3 years from now when we all officially learn what those of us here already knew, there is no asymptomatic spread. You either got the KungFlu or ya don’t.

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Wtf am I looking at?! This photo alone should turn enough turn most Biden voters off

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FL now has a bomb-ass “real ID” that’s very difficult to fuck around with nowadays.

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Even when the secret service escorted him outta the room, he walked out like a boss & gave a look to the press as he sauntered off slowly.

This is real leadership. Calm & strong

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This guy should come teach at one of the American Catholic schools. They’re more based & would absolutely agree w him.

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“I say let it burn”

.... ain’t an American sentiment, sorry.

If we want to MAGA, we want the whole country to rise up... not just the places that YOU assume are better.

Don’t be too quick to judge whether or not I would choose to live there - for all you know I could’ve moved there at 15 to train for a very special career that was only available in a special city like that.

Personally, I’d be careful about salivating by for “the full course of destruction caused by leftism to be realized” in America’s most important economic & cultural city. That’s actually fairly in-American & def not MAGA.

Stock market, banking, Broadway, the Met, famous history & the fact that most of our families came here through NYC, is reason enough for me to love the city & want it to be healed. (Not thru the purge of destruction)

TL;DR: you sound a bit like a libtard (just exchange “NYC” for “flyover country” and its the same rhetoric)

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Is he meant to sign an EO on unemployment today?

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Omg I’m f’n mad 😡 at this ... I totally follow the news and do research like crazy ... and even I didn’t know this. Imagine all the normies that watch Good Morning America or CNN to get their “facts”?

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Nooooo. I really don’t want to believe this. They HAVE to meet.

What a f’n ripoff!

If Biden can have even one interview in person (has he yet tho?) he can stand on a stage 12’ away from POTUS and show everyone how retarded he is

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Sometimes parts of his face look translucent. Not to be confused w transgender, although equally disconcerting.

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Perfectly said!

I’m gonna save this to repeat to any commie “friends” on FB

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We absolutely don’t want NYC to become the next Detroit.

It’s an amazing city, is 10% of our nation’s GDP & is the “quintessential American city” to others from around the world & was the prime terror attack.

Europeans & Middle Easterners who hate America, would LOVE to see NYC become a total shithole.

Let’s not be in that camp.

Just bc we hate libtards doesn’t mean we hate our American cities.

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Neil Cuckvuto is a fat, tub of lard who had a major heart surgery.

But that’s not the real reason he shills against HCQ. He is a globalist neo-con who’s made a living off of selling out the USA.

I’d love to see his stock portfolio & what other globalist dealings he’s tied to... follow the money.

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The day BEFORE Trump first publicly mentioned HCQ, there were rumors of this drug being a possible hope & cure. This was in late March.

I have a “friend” who works for ABC news in NYC & I mentioned that hopefully this drug might be the answer.

She immediately responded with “it’s unproven. There isn’t enough testing on it yet”

The narrative was already set... the day BEFORE Trump put HCQ on the map. They alllllll knew it worked & we’re afraid it would stop their chances at bringing down this administration.

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Wow, I didn’t realize that even the heart warnings were fake. I thought HCQ was great, but not for ppl w heart conditions...

Is that not true?

Fuck the media for what they’ve done to politicize this medicine. They’re complicit in the death toll

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