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I want to see the proper clinical trials to prove up this triple combination, as well as at least 5 other drug combinations, because no single drug is good for everybody.

We don't need forced vaccines for this, but we can and should develop vaccines.

There is no good reason for biochips.

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Lord, have mercy on these good people, help them be kind to one another, and keep them healthy while they clean up the mess.

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Those kind of answers tell me that Americans don't take polls seriously.

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There is a rationale to having the FDA involved in Food and Drugs. They should be kept out of approval for analytical tests.

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Abbot says it is coronavirus specific, as do Becton Dickinson and Roche

we can all agree that the "online test for coronavirus" is a scam

From the whsv. link above You get a text message that looks like it comes from the US federal government. Current reports say that scammers are impersonating the US Department of Health and Human Services, but they are unlikely to stop there. The message tells you that you must take a “mandatory online COVID-19 test” and has a link to a website. But there is no online test for coronavirus.

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Thanks for posting the date for this press conference in the title.

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COVID-19 is being disingenuously used as an excuse. State and local officials should be called out, loudly and immediately.

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Thank you for using archive.

If you think this article is deranged, you should hear what Democrats are saying amongst themselves.

The article, of course, fails to point out that DJT is not the author of the various moves taken by the Federal government; he is following the medical advice of professionals who have been in place for decades. Dr. Fauci, for example, has 52 years' experience with infectious diseases.

I watched the feckless response of our Federal and State governments to other politically-charged epidemics, including HIV and Ebola. DJT's response is SO much better, and it is because DJT has been paying attention to what his many experts are telling him.

The funny part is, as soon as DJT started talking about ending the recommendation to quarantine in areas of the country that art not hard-hit, the Democrats went ape shit. This was after going ape shit about putting it in place.

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And, Taiwan is at least as densely populated than New York with parts that have 71,295 people /square mile.

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Add in a quick antibody test, and we'll have the situation wrapped.

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After just one day of ordered lockdowns in the U.K., Ferguson is presenting drastically downgraded estimates, crediting lockdown measures,

This part is important. Distancing started before that, lockdowns were ordered after groups of people behaved like fools. It's the old story of Jonah and his long argument with God Almighty over warning a city to reform. God told him to warn them, and he carped back, saying that if he warned them, and they listened to him, and God averted his punishment, the people would call him, Jonah, a liar. All of that happened.

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Yeah, the repeated vaccines are a pain in the ass, and it does take multiple vaccines to get a good, broad spread of immunity to the newer ones. But, the point still stands, whether you want to acknowledge it, or not.

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Are they still burning cars on Friday nights? The French solution to that problem was to stop reporting, instead of stopping the riots.

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My family did. It was Influenza A.

Testing in San Diego has been running 80% other stuff. National average is 90% other stuff.

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Brutal suppression of news by the government in China isn't even mentioned. It wasn't just bad timing.

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This is the second post of the Colbert show about the horse race, posted in a cryptic style. Could have scrolled it, if I'd known what it was about. It's almost as if somebody wants to provide Colbert a platform, here.

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Thanks for the link.

US President Donald Trump dismissed his country's high number of cases as being a "tribute to our testing", adding that health officials were "testing tremendous numbers of people".

Mr Trump also cast doubt on China's numbers, saying: "You don't know what the numbers are in China."

President Xi Jinping took issue with this statement in a call with Mr Trump - reportedly telling him that Beijing had been open and transparent since the epidemic began.

Different countries do indeed have different thresholds for when a person should be tested for the disease and testing a smaller number of people will result in a smaller number of reported cases. But the US is among the countries that have been criticised for not testing widely enough.

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Beijing is located at some distance from Wuhan. He is blaming the repression of news on subordinates.

The implication is that a free press would have placed China in a better position to detect and deter this threat.

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