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Hey Mangy Jay, which party opposed travel restrictions from Europe and China and then later sent COVID positive elderly back into nursing homes? drops mic

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They have the headers, they just want the denial and fake stories on record, watch the Bannon interview.


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If the new reveals are so damaging, it's possible he could drop out to save the senate and house. I don't think Nancy and Dem senators are willing to go down with Joe.

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Mueller investigation concludes Orange was not an imposter

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Since this is stickied, I would suggest the Trump campaign compile the latest info on Biden corruption and put it a website for easy dissemination, especially during the third debate (if there is one).

People are voting now, and I have shared this video which so far has stopped my Biden friends from early voting.

SHARE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5HfeElInSs

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Do you have the link to the actual document?

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Great site! One point you can add: Hunter got the 3 million from Moscow Mayor's wife the same month Crimea was being invaded by the Russians

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Higher latino and black support for Trump. More whites without college degrees (so no gender studies degrees) are voting this election, wonder who they are voting for...

Also Trump is ahead in battleground states compared to 2016 according to realclearpolitics

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I'll take a sternly worded letter over nothing I guess

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He predicted 911 attacks by OBL, and also predicted ISIS so I'm not surprised

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