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The western world has been enamoured with Lies and Stories.

I have been seeing this trend in my industry which lead to a significant amount of distress for me a few years back. Many people value a good story over the truth and facts, I often see this from people on the Left, but it's not only isolated to the left.

I found I could progress my career better by telling a compelling story to leadership that got me up the ladder rather than presenting hard truths. It was extremely frustrating since I am a man of science, data, and objectivity.

Thankfully, I found an environment where facts are important and our leadership team will call out bullshit, but it's not universal.

People are too focused on making themselves look good, rather than working towards an objectively better reality. All these little lies add up, and soon we don't know what objective reality is anymore.

This is why, IMO, people care about what celebraties say, why leftist spouting out emotional rhetoric are compelling people to ignore history, and we put up "experts" instead of the nerds and craftsmen who actually build things and make a difference.

Look at the hate Elon Musk gets from loads of people, while he is actually building the future and innovating. People are constantly looking for ways to tear him down because he is willing to stand up to the status quo.

Trump is another innovator who has shifted the overton window, and the normies are unable to handle this. It breaks the story.

We must stand up to this, and fight for TRUTH, and OBJECTIVITY

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"Based on our research, which was entirely biased, we determine that the election had no issues"

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Get the guns out lads.

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I tend to set low expectations in general so I can be pleasantly surprised.

Set your ambitions high, but your expectations low I say.

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Prepare to see toilet paper stock disappear from blue cities once again.

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Coleman has a naive view that Biden is a better candidate to fight woke culture. Everyone makes mistakes. But I do think he is on point about the stupidity of BLM and woke race baiting culture.

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Congrats guys.

Shall you start allowing the Donald to make other subreddits? Then you become the new Reddit.

Then. You take the world!.

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These idiots that want free education have no idea how to use the internet apparently.

I dropped out of university once I saw I could take all the courses I wanted to take online, for free or at 90% less cost.

How about you stop begging for shit, and do some work to get what you want?

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Where can I find data on the counts of registered voters nationally?

The only info I found so far is there are approx 233.7million eligible voters. Would be great to see the registered voter counts somewhere.

Need to drop some truth bombs on my normie friends.

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I'm not sure. My plan is to hit F5 until I see a post or video with it.

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Imagine being such a loser you need to spend your weekend on your enemie's website for entertainment.

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I don't want to disturb you, but it seems like gravity works sideways where you live.

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Do you mean the intended objective: to try to inform people, or the real objective: to be propaganda?

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It's the weekend. Spend some time with your family, friends, have a drink, have a wank. We'll hear more on Monday

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In 2000 for Bush V Gore, cases were thrown out or ignored by partisan hacks until it hit SCOTUS

I'm not smart enough in legalese to know if this applies here. Imma stick to math.

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Never heard of that.


The more you know.

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Except what you wrote means that they could still care less about the constitution.

If they couldn't care less, that means they have hit the minimum threshold of caring.

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Media will never report on anything positive that Trump does.

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Yeah, I really like that word.

Was introduced to it by my Chinese friends (who hate CCP, but are often afraid to speak out because of what will happen to their family still living in the country).

Most lefties don't even know what it means, so when you call them it, it forces them to:

  • get trolled when they think they're smarter than you
  • get trolled when they go check the definition and realize they're being mocked by the Chinese they try to emulate
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Extremely racist I hear.

They make everyone look the same, getting rid of race entirely.

How can democrats know who to abuse if they can't tell the colour of their skin?

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