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Glorious Unemployed Stalker got me! Yeah! Ladies' private time fun is exactly the same as some ancient grandfather telling all the women in his family that they have no choice but to show him their bras!

You're totally right, bro. Joking around about women having fun on their own is the exact same thing as some fossilized Boomer guy ordering women to quietly submit to showing him their underwear.

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Disclaimer: While not 100% effective for Wuhan-Flu, at least there will be SMILES all around !!!

No, no, stop. This is really stupid and disgusting.

So sick of this stupid attitude of 'GOTTA KEEP SMILIN'!!' as a pretext for Boomers leering at chicks.

You're coming across as a fucking disgusting desperate incel or as some disgusting, desperate, nasty old Boomer. Not as some playful, funny guy.

You sound like the kind of gross pervert who gets turned on by women's breast exams for breast cancer and cracks cringe-inducing jokes about 'feeling the boobies'.

Cut it out.

ALL WOMEN required to Participate in this worthy effort !

The fuck is wrong with you? You're really sounding like the kind of creepy pervert father-in-law that Millennial women complain about.


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You worrying that we will end up like the other side is just like the left.

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The porn is a front for prostitution.

Of course, libertarian dumbfucks love it and want moar so they can get patted on the head by Swedes and Canadians.

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Amazing that so many American women have wholeheartedly welcomed these creeps into their locker rooms and changing rooms.

Unfortunately while many American women lack brains, that is one area in which the trans people have not taken on their bad traits.

The average trans person is wayyy smarter than most Western women.

This whole 'omfg let me see you changing or I will kill myself ' and 'I must be around you when you're naked OR I will do suicide!!' argument filled with cunning scheming has worked wonderfully on the average dipshit American/Western woman.

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No no no. This fucking loser-libertarian bullshit has got to go. If the mentally ill adults are causing a breakdown in society, then people have to give a shit!

So sick and tired of our side constantly bargaining with these maniacs and constantly surrendering.

Now we have reached the stage of 'oh well let the adults do whatever they want'


These men are now rooming with women in battered women's shelters. They're entering women's prisons. They're in women's bathrooms and locker rooms now.

Why the fuck are we meekly surrendering to this?

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These guys have taken on all the bad traits of American women: the self-absorption, the vanity, the self-obsession, the lack of interest in anything but themselves, the constant need to control others, the neediness for attention etc.

And they have none of the good traits: real tits, ass, real vadge etc.

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Ladies, muh pillah is a fabulous self-pleasure aid.

Do with this information what you will.

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Darkness warshed over the Dems.

Darker n a black steer's tuchus on a moonless prairie night.

There was no bottom.

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This is true. Most guys here like to rant against older chicks but really once any guy hits 40, it's not like his pecs, abs and triceps look that great any more.

Guys really don't age like wine at all. That's just another MGTOW myth.

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