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Gone too soon...


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The power of the Biden gaffe cannot be contained, confined to a mere basement. This is some new force of social idiocy the world has yet to fully comprehend...

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Good simul with the POTUS tweet, fren.

Fucking [D] party... probably like this everywhere.

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I have the data preserved.

Cool. Please show us.

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Rats are starting to turn on each other.

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I remember when I was an angsty POS teenager... in fact, it was so bad that--

Wait, these are grown adults?

Ouch... Yikes...

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Old TD loved anons research

They love the research, they did/do not love that it's tied to Q. Doesn't ultimately matter in the end - exposing corruption is exposing corruption, and if it comes from publicly available material, all the better.

Important to remember that throughout the 4ch/8ch days most Q-related material was banned by T_D mods. Shills/divisionfags post disruptive/distracting material that picks on this fact and the preconceived notions seeded on T_D.

Emergence of positive Q-related material here (inevitable, given POTUS tweets) is a step in the direction towards tolerance (direct alliance unlikely; board culture and reddit-derived culture do not mix) between .win and the /qr/ Anons.

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a movement of patriots looking for the truth

Pretty much all it is. Allies in the same fight.

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OH DAMN. Someone who recognizes cyclosilicate vs. single-chain inosilicate mineral formulas! Awesome!!

Guessing I was right about the FL, and the geology background is cool! Was actually in FL for a while, but I've moved on since. Hope things on your end are going well!

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Terminal academic here - PhD, not MD, but with some biochem background.

Good paper, great assessment. Auto-saved.

On your note:

I believe what the above sentence is saying is that if the virus mutates such that zinc binding doesn't work any more, then their reverse transcriptase will no longer work in the human body either, so it will mutate itself out of existence ("what is meant by 'selected'").

To my understanding, that is correct.

Candid note: once upon a time, popularly advertised vitamin complexes used to advertise "From A to Zinc". I wonder why they stopped...

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Time to play some Wagner... scares the hell outta the shills...

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Little Red Hen syndrome, coupled with media-enforced instant gratification/reduction of impulse control.

That said, this has been an avenue for shilling/discouragement since 2018 (at least). Combination of bad actors + useful idiots unwilling to understand the big picture and more than happy to pop off self-righteous rage boners like a /politics lefty retard.

"bUt tHeY wOn'T sEe jAiL tIeM, aRrEsTs nAo" - OK, genius, go ahead. Move in. Watch how quickly you get backranked by a more patient player who has seen countless low-ELO morons get ahead of themselves and fail to play precisely and correctly.

The overzealous fucknumpties need to ask themselves, if they aren't willing to wait and put their faith in POTUS to get the job done precisely and correctly, why they bother over this at all. If they still believe he'll get the job done, then they have no reason to bitch. If they don't, then they have no reason to care.

The above is part of why I believe those who are complaining are only shills and not Patriots. Patriots will take that step back, realize that the fight is still going, and let POTUS work uninterrupted. Shills whine.

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...Why is Felchi telling us to steal second base?

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"You cast vicious mockery - your laughter weaves through the meandering, slow passages of its mind. It misconstrues your laughter as misgendering. Literally hurting itself in its confusion, you deal 1d4 psychic damage, and as it lashes out with a club-like arm, it misses you entirely, slamming and breaking its arm against the ground with a disturbing SNAP!! of bone against rock.

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"The mutated goblin's hideous visage burns into your brain - make an Intelligence saving throw."


"Though the features are grotesque, Lovecraftian, that-which-cannot-be, you steel your mind against the horror. What do you do?"

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Sips for:

  • "Uncertain times"; feel free to replace "uncertain" with whatever buzzwords is being used in that context.
  • "We're all in this together."

Sip every time someone wears a mask incorrectly, or has one but isn't wearing it at all.

Take a shot for every line you have to stand in that has tape/markers on the ground every 6 ft.

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