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My brain can't right now with this. Does this only apply to state vehicles and vehicles within the state? Does the also apply to Federal vehicles in federal areas? How does that apply to everything else?

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This doesn't just apply to cars, but boats, planes, anything that uses gas?!? Is this really happening? Say it isn't so, they cant be that crazy?

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With the power of Trump, God, and Freedom, WE SHALL SAVE THIS GREAT COUNTRY!

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I might get it with my Microsoft rewards points.

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Yeah that's 4chan. On another note, if Bill Gates didn't own Microsoft they wouldn't be that bad of a tech Company. To be honest, they're not that bad. Bing doesn't block or hide search results like Google does and they're not that woke for some reason. PS: that new XBOX at $300 is a really good price not gonna lie.

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OMG a fellow Xbox lover. Also, the new Xbox is really cheep which is good for people like me.

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She wasn't even the one who cut him off. It was that liberal chick, she should be apologizing.

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Aw, but the SS would have handled it perfectly. Think of the A-10s that could have came.

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Bruh, Fox is not that bad if you look at the good parts.

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Bruh, you trying to hurt fox's feeling?

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Thanks I didn't see that at first. Which game did you try watching because the game I watched didn't have that.

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To be honest, I don't know. I would love to get a tank but I'm pretty sure there are A LOT of things that you have to go through to get one.

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Also, Fun fact: M18 5 crew anti-tank, fastest anti-tank of WW2, was mass produced.

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The more I watch this video, the more I get pissed of at Bush.

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SO.............do we have a problem with old Russian commies or Chinese commies in today's time?

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But, everytime he did that he told us. Mainly right after the upload date of the day. I got no tweet or post from him about his voice.

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  1. Joe Biden wants to raise my taxes.
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