BathouseBarry 2 points ago

It's all very clear with Jesus.

BathouseBarry 16 points ago

Hispanics and blacks can also be women.

BathouseBarry 15 points ago

Makes you wonder who pressured rapin' Bill by leaking said scandal to force his hand into war to protect himself. There are no good guys there.

BathouseBarry 10 points ago

They intentionally ignore, blur, distort, and lie about history because it reveals what frauds and liars they really are.

When your party's whole image is shaped around standing up for the oppressed, what would happen if everyone rises out of that opression. You're not needed anymore, and you're out of power.

They're so committed to it (the establishment on both sides is) that they will blame and destroy the rest of the country painting them as the enemy that's causing these woes that they swear they'll fix if you vote for them. Then they never do because if they can keep you ignorant of history and dependent on them, they cement that power.

This happens all over the world - a two class system of ignorant poor and rich elites - and the damned middle class in America keeps getting in their way. Cue everyone's racist.

BathouseBarry 3 points ago

Let them be independent. Maybe provide a "network" page or list, but let each group stand on its own.

BathouseBarry 30 points ago

And foreigners larping like they actually have a say in American elections.

They're certainly trying to, but we'll defeat them all again!

BathouseBarry 25 points ago

We should also post sentaor / congressional numbers to call when important things are happening and provide links to volunteering to poll watch etc.

We're passionate about MAGA. Why can't we use this forum to be proactive in our local areas to save our country?

BathouseBarry 14 points ago

Even then they were absolutely triggered that they had to see our posts on /r/all. Low energy haters.

Haha, it just made it that much sweeter.

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