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Grabbed a couple we can share!!


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Hey, I get it. Totally know the feeling. I've been praying a lot more this month than I have in a long time.

Keep keeping the faith and red pilling where you can, and keep praying that the Lord will cause the enemy to fall into his own traps and that He'll be a shield and spear for Trump and his team. I've been praying Psalms 35 for Trump.

Keep the faith, and seek what the Lord wants you to do!

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NC is different as their legislature passed it. You retarded or something?

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She admits she allowed poll workers in who "didn't specify" they were Republican or Democrat and allowed them to count as the poll watchers for either Ds or Rs.

So... where is the record proving they had the required-by-law Republican poll watchers?

They don't have that record as she just admitted because they let "unaffiliated" poll workers run things. That's illegal.

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Okay... But this hinges on FISA, where we know the judges and court are corrupt.

Are you saying not only did he use the same court that was used against him by willing judges but that that same corrupted, secret court wouldn't leak to the enemy who these warrants were for??

I don't believe it. I cant. Trump had 0 allies coming into govt. save Rogers and Flynn. We shall see though. I've never loved more to be wrong.

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Gosh.. Joe Biden was even more unbearable when he had a functioning brain. He thinks he's so smart, but what an idiot.

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Good energy!! Might do a bit better if you had a match me post showing you were donating though πŸ˜‰

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We all tell our computers what to do. Even the end user. That's their whole purpose.

Do what I want. "Okay," or "I can't." Okay, then time to reprogram to now do what I want.

It's the whole damn point.

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Oh my god, it's the end of the world. No point to live now! I guess you should leave TD.WIN and never come back. Darn.

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Well done, PEDE! Send to Sydney Powell's team too.

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