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All the contested states, CA, NY and VA went red. I've poured over all the available data. The only reason we're noticing is because Trump voters turned out more than they anticipated. Their model was based on 2016 turnouts. Hence the scrambling in the wee hours of hastily created ballots.

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Are you actually shocked? It's like a contest to name your child the dumbest thing possible. I've met a Dijonaise(yes like the condiment) Jaquarius, European surnames as first names. Historical figure names they thought were black. So on and so forth.

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Williamsburg is the cringiest place I've ever been. Such a concentration of hipsters like no where else. People buying second hand clothes for more than new clothes.

Honestly as much as I hate some of the laws we have due to NYC we have some of the moat beautiful scenery in the country. If we were our own separate state I'd never leave.

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That's quite the fivehead. She must have a lot on her mind.

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We all have long ago already anticipated an exodus of NYC in a shtf coming upstate looking for resources. I'm sure patriots will get a long just fine but the majority of people will be rejected. We already don't like NYC in general.

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Fill a coffee can and glue it to the top. Once it's started it'll do fine.

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Almost a trillion dollars for a bunch of bs agencies amd programs. If they really cared about the struggling working class they'd just cut checks to individuals.

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I'm upstate so if there's a muster I'll meet you somewhere off I-87

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Some ground up rust and some ground up aluminum

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If I wasn't on the other side of the country I'd already be on it. I can play tit for tat.

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I saw that already. Good you posted for others.

5'8" 200 lbs


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I didn't want to assume but being they're so chummy that seems to be the case. They don't have the same last name but hey what's new.

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Yup. And I'm not sure if the blonde with fake braids girl is her daughter but she has said she's there working for her daughter. And MS fake braids has a past charge for trespassing amd prowling aka working a corner.

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All I know is I saw a bunch of ballot envelopes with no writing on them. No wonder they don't want to match signatures. Because they were in brand new never used envelopes.

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People just can't resist "doing it for the gram." Loud hair, loud clothes, loud voices, loud personality. Dumb as a bag of hammers.

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She's a dumbass the hierarchy will pin as the pasty.

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According to OP Mr. Flatfish something is popping off. Possibly arrests but it's ambiguous trawling his posts.

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