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This is like the hood equivalent of when McCain was put down.

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It's a rigged system, folks. Seriously they're going to take out Trump if they can and we'll all be in camps if nothing changes.

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They're clearly trying to get a self fulfilling prophecy

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Oh I thought he was a half white, half Indonesian Marxist Muslim with a tranny wife.

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Learned a lot about roaches that day

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Because literally everything pro Trump has become criminalized or ostracized.

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Nothing to change, cops kill more whites per 10,000 arrests than blacks.

The entire narrative is a Marxist attack on the rule of law in favor of anarcho tyranny and ideological footsoldiers.

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How many times have we joked about Trump curing cancer and the TDS would still be raging. Cured literally everything and old age. Kek is not without a sense of irony for memeing it into this timeline.


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Maybe they tapped someone with experience "community organizing" perhaps a half white Indonesian Marcxist foreign national?

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They've been on light duty since they stopped elective treatments and started executing grandma for $50k a pop

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Medical malpractice killed 250k last year 3rd most behind heart disease and cancer.

All three have been eradicated since mid March when we tracked the Chinese Virus

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Rosenstein was trying to wear a wire to get GEOTUS on 25th amendment.

Hillary when question about wiping her illegal TS/SCI server made a famously cringe quip feigning ignorance: Wiped? Like with a cloth?

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Reddit Admins run Sony's PR handles?

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Imagine Captain Kenya's shadow government working their ass off trying to avoid the rope

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