Based_Trumpster 19 points ago

The police wouldn't do anything, the joggers were wearing their face masks so no harm done.

Based_Trumpster 62 points ago

I just offered to represent her pro bono in suing the university for violating her civil rights, in the event they rescind her admission. I hope she contacts me.

Based_Trumpster 42 points ago

Nuh uh, bigot. African science understands that the blood of albinos cures HIV.

Based_Trumpster 8 points ago

We will all be marked for "reeducation camps" run by the people now rioting in the name of BLM. Most of us will be executed or eventually starved, including our children. The communist regime in Russia executed or starved double the number who died in the holocaust. This is fact, not hyperbole. That regime started just like what we're seeing in our country today.

Based_Trumpster 2 points ago

I use it for virtue-signaling mask shamers: "You need to wear a mask in here Reeeeeeeeeee." "Ok thanks Karen."

Based_Trumpster 11 points ago

They've reached levels of clown-ness never before imaginable.

Based_Trumpster 1 point ago

Stop participating in social media. It's toxic to your soul.

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