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“Don’t be a bigot MIGA tard!”

“If you refuse to be attracted to tranny cock you are a homophobic nazi!!”

-some faggot on Reddit

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Kek is VERY pleased with this one. God bless you op.

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God damnit I love this meme.

Death penalty for all election riggers

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The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.

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I’m all for that! No matter the demographic, if you hate the country, get OUT.

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Lmao, never gets old.

I would actually be very much for some type of temporary tax to fund any America hating black persons trip back to Africa.

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Every vote counter I saw on video this election looked like welfare Kangs and queens

Hmmm, I wonder why 🤔

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There was BIGLY fraud in Georgia folks.

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BINGO. I can only imagine the video evidence they have of this son of a bitch partaking in all sorts of depravity

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This is what I wish more women understood. The female body is a work of art. Just stay in shape and don’t do anything else to your body and men will be all over you.

Ditch the tats, piercings, weird hair colors.

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Especially white men. Take out white men, and the entire country would be blue. Believe me.

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19th should absolutely be repealed.

Looks like Tennessee, Idaho, and Oklahoma might be a good place to find conservative women in 2020

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I can get behind everyone of these things

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We called that the hundred cock stare in college. Dead eyes, daddy issues, likely on psychotropics. Absolute lunatic.

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That little cocksucker needs to be jailed for treason. All these RINO freaks have deals with dominion. Believe me.

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