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Based on how little we hear (nothing) from Trump and his people on this site... it makes me feel like an insect in a honey trap... just another level of Big Tech control.

Hey! We made this site! Just in time for all of you getting frustrated about the Reddit quarantine of your beloved sub!

Support from the POTUS, dropping a line of encouragement here? Nope. Nada.

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My prediction is that Trump will NEVER do an AMA or something similar here, or even send an envoy from the Administration/Presidential Campaign.

They are keeping us at arms length for some odd reason.

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All the police officers in my extremely wealthy area are wearing N95s while patrolling alone in their cruisers.

Maybe they believe their luxury SUVs are infected from the last person they arrested, it is not like you can be sure you got all the spit and other bodily fluids.

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One can only hope.

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They hate everything American.

Democrat is synonymous with European/Chinese Communist.

Too bad the labor union faithful can't find the balls to stand up to the DNC Mafiosi.

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Translated straight from Mandarin CHINESE.

The verbiage and sentence structure is laughable. They are utter morons.

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If you possess a firearm you must satisfy all the requirements on that federal purchase form, even if you have never filled one out in your life.

Ask any police officer. When they show up and smell your "legal or only a ticket", weed, they will be looking for firearms first.

Police officer friend of mine laid it out for a group of us once, we let these people do misdemeanors, watch them get comfortable... so we can catch them on ten year FELONIES.

It is why they let you litter and drink in public, smoke a little weed on your porch... you have put yourself on their radar. They are just waiting for you to get in deeper and deeper to the point you are in for years, no matter your lawyer.

They are professional scumbag catchers. Don't think they are stupid, for a second.

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Chicago Medical Examiner :

"Multiple gun shot wounds to victim's superior thoracic region with nearly complete decapitation at the level of C2, via a large single edged blunt object, appearing to be a machete based on the multiple chopping pattern wounds of the superficial tissues, with chips of metal embedded into the vertebrae... cause of death COVID-19."

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The first thing the Soviet Union did was deny seed and other implements to independent farmers... because they did not rely on The State for survival.

The State of Vermont is following their 1917 playbook.

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The Chinese are a modeling themselves after Nazi Germany... with thermonuclear weapons and delivery systems. Change my mind.

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Stupid yes. Unfortunately it was tied to firearms to get blacks and browns federal felonies... and back being slaves (in prison).

Until it is revoked/repealed/rescheduled... no one should risk their freedom and lives, over getting high.

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Do you kiss your Voat Overlords with that mouth?

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You just voided your right to bear arms doing that.

Stay away from drugs if you want to protect yourself and your family.

It is right there on the form. Federal felony to lie on any of those questions.

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Love your username!

My preferences went from 12 gauge to 20 when I saw that at close range the smaller size really doesn't matter for home defense and the 20 is so much easier for smaller framed people like me to swing around and hold on target. I don't hunt waterfowl so no big loss in the longer range sporting side of it either.

Have a great weekend fellow Lady Pede!

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As a woman, the DNC will forever be my enemy. Based on how they treat our POTUS and we, the loyal and patriotic people of the United States of America.

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Taqiyya: Deception and Lying in Islam.

It is Sharia Law to apply Taqiyya wherever possible to gain advantage over non-Muslims. Stealing and lying is required of them when they encounter "unbelievers".

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Here you are, violating the rule of this site, by being disrespectful. Do you have the same callous disregard for the laws of the United States of America too?

I wonder what your fellow Vets would think of your slur against me, calling me Barfie?

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Follow the law, elect officials that will enforce it. Otherwise we aren't Americans... we are Anarchists. Like this guy is promoting.

I'd bet he's on someone's payroll to spout murder plots without any regard for catching a federal terrorism charge.

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Thanks for the support, it is appreciated.

What is that old quote? "Evil prevails when good men do nothing."

I may not be a man, but I will point out the evil when I see it so we can rout it out of this site and our lives. Otherwise we aren't making America great again, at all.

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I don't let men murderous men abuse me without fighting back, though thanks for the advise. He needs to be all over my account so that if he does try something in real life the authorities can find him.

Guys like him are serious threats to ALL of us here.

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