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damn straight

personally I'm moving from NYC to Miami by the end of next year. I want to get a year of "cheap" rent before I move, but the way the city handled the riots was the last straw for me

not having to pay 12.7% taxes on my income will be massive

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don't worry, they'll be delivered to Democrat offices in important swing counties

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they want to lock in votes before Biden's full mental decline is fully visible to the world

as it stands right now, to the people who aren't paying attention its bumbling Hitler Trump that wants to exterminate the blacks vs Saint Biden a popular VP from the good ol' days

but with time, they get to see videos of Joe Biden molesting women and children, they get to find out all the corrupt shit Biden did, they get to find out that Biden is a racist, they get to find out that Biden had massive mental declines in the last 4 years, they get to find out that Biden supports letting BLM run wild and commit crimes

so of course they'll do everything in their power to lock in votes before people actually find out who the candidates actually are, and not the story that the media has been pushing

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there are two kinds of immigrants, those who come to America to become Americans and those who come to America to make a few bucks while planning to always go back to their shithole country

first kinda is welcome, second kind needs to be deported

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normies won't see the video, they'll wait for Trevor Noah or Steven Colbert or John Oliver to tell them about it, which they somehow will forget to do

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it also saved probably a few dozen American lives by keeping murdering criminals out of the country

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I hope some lefty parasite tries to take it off and gets gutted like a fish by the bear

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offer them a doorless helicopter ride, if they come back on the helicopter they aren't a communist, if they don't, they are

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keep in mind, only poor people drink from the tap, rich people drink bottled water or they run it through a brita filter

this is 100% going to have some "unexpected" "sideeffect"

maybe surprise sterilization, or a surprise effect where people stop being "aggressive" or some other convenient thing

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Smile link, because unlike the worthless lefty scum we actually give a shit about donating to charities

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i'm going down the path that turning the other cheek doesn't work, if they don't throw the first punch/coffee nothing happens, if they do, or hell if they push you, they deserve to get their ass kicked

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violence is the only way these people will learn

you think these assholes would continue getting into peoples faces and attacking them if they knew every time they did they'd lose some teeth? no way, they'd dial down their violence REAL quick

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isn't it funny how the lefties are already preparing the ground for Bill Clinton's reveal, already saying how its not a big deal "why do you care, he is an ex president!"

like we are supposed to just ignore the fact that an ex president RAPED FREAKING CHILDREN!

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i like how she pulls out the camera like she is the victim, fucking animals

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how the hell is "its popular" a valid reason?

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he also probably raped a bunch of kids

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