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fun fact, zero hedge was banned reddit wide today. it wasn't just black listed from one or two subs, it got banned from the entire site

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Trump is the president, sorry to say, but the inaction of the justice department is on him.

Now I'm going to give him a pass on that for now just because of election optics. But the purge better happen after he is re-elected.

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he just loves egging on Trump....remind me again how that worked out last time...oh yeah thats right, Trump ran for president, won, and stopped you commies in your tracks

just remember, these next 4 years won't be about optics or appeasement...they'll be about exterminating the parasites on the left from every area of our society.

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all these lefty institutions need to have their shit pushed in

the gloves come off on November 4th, at that point we will no longer give a fuck about optics and can begin exterminating these enemies of the people

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its not enough to just win, the left needs to be exterminated at the polls

they need to get their ass kicked so hard that they'd be afraid to talk shit about Trump and Trump Supporters in person out of fear that someone will kick their teeth in. That they wouldn't fucking dare to grab a red hat, out of fear that a dozen people will physically rip them limb from limb for it

they need to know that the entire country has rejected their ideology, has rejected communism, so they learn never to fucking dare come out in the open like this again

so I don't give a fuck where you live, even if you live in a 100% blue state, go and fucking vote, because these parasites aren't the majority, these parasites only win when you stay home, so get out there, and vote, and take away their last ray of hope with the whole "mah popular vote"

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something tells me the mods know something good is going to be dropped this week and want to make sure the site can handle the load

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Sorry liberals, when you behave like filthy animals, adults in the room no longer give a fuck what you have to say

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He wasn’t sure which cages trump was talking about...the illegals cages or the cages in his basement for his and his son’s underage sex slaves

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more like: "the big man wants his 10%, so Nattie...you are going to have to snowball with granpa"

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my point is that you can't think that this is their real identity, its all an act because it sells and makes them money

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its so he can get a head start on fleeing the country

9 days gives him plenty of time to get to a non-extradition country

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for those that need a source


Due to the impact of COVID-19 on ILI surveillance, and the fact that the state and territorial epidemiologists report relies heavily on ILI activity, reporting for this system will be suspended for the 2020-21 influenza season

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newsflash thats marketing.

I'm going to venture a guess and say that you don't listen to rap, yet you still saw that video of him and you knew who he was. THAT IS MARKETING. That is him spreading his brand nationwide. A few minutes of embarrassment on a plane, and the entire country learns of your name, and with millions of eyeballs you are likely to get a few fans out of it and that leads to more money.

stop looking at it as attention whoring, and look at it as brand building.

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The old chick is probably Jill Biden or hell might even be Joe Biden wearing makeup. Anything is possible with these freaks

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It’s an act

Rappers are like wrestling stars, they pick a costume, they have fake beef, and they put on an act

In reality the ones you hear about, you hear because of how good they are at marketing, which is why the current generation of rappers is so good at business

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Here is how you can link to this thread on other sites.

Use an url shorterner, these url shortners are randomly generated, and they are big companies which means the left isn't going to just block those entire domains and it'll take them a few days to twist the arms for these sites to block it on their end

The 2 biggest ones are

  1. https://bitly.com/
  2. https://tinyurl.com/
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Streisand effect....by trying to bury it, they make people more eager to go look into it

and the best part, now instead of going through the lefty press interpretation, they get to see the primary sources themselves and come to their own conclusions...and surprise surprise, any sane person who sees that shit will decide that Hunter Biden is a pedo fuck and its clear as hell he is being protected by the press/social media

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if you think about it, this is the biggest discussion thread about this on the english speaking internet...everywhere else the democrats have censored this story...which should be terrifying to any normies.

Imagine thinking you get unbiased news, and then finding out that a massive story like this was censored by both the press and by social media. Talk about a massive red pill

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like a baby, after she rubs one out to a compilation video of a bunch of trucks T-boning wagons

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