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But black democrats have taught their kids that their problems aren’t their own... but are the solely the fault of racism and the only way to fix it is for government to do x y z.

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So, instead of addressing the point... you just use an ad hominem assertion about my point?

Uh, ok.... you argue like a liberal

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If if it....

And when has it ever been documented that millions of individuals From all different Socioeconomic and countries conspire together to this end? Never. It’s a few families of super wealthy.... and their coconspirators are Super wealthy Catholics and super wealthy Protestants and super wealthy Saudi princes ...

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“Ethnic group hive mind” 😂

You are being sarcastic right? Because this isn’t a thing.... there is no such thing as a human hive mind.

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Yep, I saw in Spain they tried to do this and 30 people Surrounded Them and made them Let the lady go

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They also seem really good at winning Nobel prizes for scientific endeavors and math.

It is the genetic influence of intellect combined with the history of discrimination that pushed Some of them into banking....

That has created a higher Number of Jewish people who are extremely wealthy.

I am extremely more prone to believe that it is the games that extremely wealthy play and not Judaism that is the blame. Just consider Bill Gates... a “Christian”

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“I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it....”

Ezekiel 22:30

... and a man called Trump said, “I am such a man. I will stand in the gap. Though the enemy may march against me, their arrows may be loosed, and they speak all sorts of evil of me, I will stand for as long as the Lord sustaineth me.”

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You’re a riot ! 🤣

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“Because back then misogyny forced women to lie about how happy they were. Feminism allowed women to freely say whether they’re happy or sad at the exact same rate at which the actually became more happy resulting in the numbers not to change. “ - sincerely, Feminist Logic

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Anyone else see that video oh him where a guy says:

“You don’t have a chance Joe!”

And Biden Replies:

“You’re probably right.”

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They lynched us decades ago and lynch us today.

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I’ve never had this happen. But Instagram won’t let me load this photo in my “story”.... it won’t even show up as an option. All other photos on my phone do, and I can even load this photo to my personal photos... just not to a publicly shared “story”....

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And just like that, Romney totally redeemed himself!

.... just kidding the guy still a Rino cuck

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“ Genocide at our borders“..... wtf? Are we even on the same planet? ... or maybe she is using a different dictionary.

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I’m pretty certain this is parity considering it’s written by Acct called bagel dog.

Furthermore is a “after life“ a uniquely Christian theology? I don’t think so. In fact I’m pretty sure that Jesus was a Jew and so the idea of the afterlife and Christianity is similar if not the same as that in Judaism

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It appears that RBG’s last wishes were actually, “ I regret my life. I want to suspend suffrage, end abortion, and women shouldn’t work but rather stay home and cook. MAGA2020”

Trump was asked for his comments and said, “ Well I appreciate the endorsement and will be looking into the abortion thing, but RBG and I don’t see eye to eye on everything and I will follow the Constitution and not merely the sentiment of her last wishes.”

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Well, that’s obviously Right Wing as it’s an old traditional system. Progress got rid of it. And while republicans are the ones who did that and democrats were the ones who caught against it.... that was before the parties switched and all the democrats became republicans and all republicans became democrats.

Or so goes the leftist logic...It’s unbelievable that anyone beloved that bull shit

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We define right and left by the amount of government control. But the left finds it more in terms of traditionalism and progressive change.....

At least that is one way to view it if they had any consistency whatsoever

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