BananaWizard [S] 11 points ago

abortion, minorities and crime, trans being a fucking meme that makes you kill yourself, illegals murdering eveyone, illegals don't pay shit into the system, 9001 genders, they believe in science but only their science

BananaWizard [S] 3 points ago

It's a one time pay but hilarious. It's amazing the 4D chess. Trump will win for sure if we don't get complacent.

BananaWizard [S] 1 point ago

Yeah but like, 9% of people who get this need ventalators. In other words once we hit like 1.5m infected we're going to need death panels...

BananaWizard [S] 1 point ago

Uhh cuz we ran out of tests. We don't have infinite tests. At a certain point we could have 100k new ones a day and we'd never know.

BananaWizard [S] -14 points ago

dude h1n1 has like a 1/5000 kill rate. Corona has like 1/30.

BananaWizard [S] 0 points ago

It's exponential italy had like 700 deaths in one day

BananaWizard [S] 64 points ago

Come on in shill fags the waters warm. Get red pilled it's honestly the fastest way to convince them.

BananaWizard [S] 13 points ago

I mean he's tweeted out that biden sniffs children and the meme of him sniffing himself. This would easily win the debate automatically.

BananaWizard [S] 2 points ago *

The flu isn't exponential. It's like saying antifa isn't a threat because ISIS exists. At it's current rate there will be a million infected in less than a month.

BananaWizard [S] 79 points ago

Yeah we can brigade nonstop who fucking cares lol. What are they going to do ban us twice?

BananaWizard [S] 1 point ago

They're assmad we can make disinformation videos without stopping us now. Meme war now faggots. Learn to make videos against trump lol.

BananaWizard [S] 11 points ago

It was a racist joke sub. People comparing minorities to air conditioners that didn't work. Literally who cares christ man.

BananaWizard [S] 3 points ago

Why does it even matter? They won't shut us down if /pol/ doesn't even get shut down like lol. What are people posting confederate flags going to piss us off or something?

BananaWizard [S] 7 points ago

TFW we don't need to fight china in WW3 because they might sneeze

BananaWizard [S] 1 point ago

Guys seriously, shut the fuck up about bump stocks. I've never even known anyone to use one. They're useless just use a belt loop. You can make your gun full auto with your fucking pants lmaooooo.

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