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It would be interesting if Newsom and Trump Jr face off in 2024 election debate.

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Especially after leaking the letter and now leaking information through his USNA classmates. C'mon, he's making the situation more about himself than his sailors. Also the captain established the culture on that ship where sailors are recording speeches and releasing those recordings to the press? He fucked up in his command long before that letter was written. Modly is correct and has big brass ones for that speech. Is it a dramatic speech? Yes. But I think he is trying to fix all of the problems that the current generation of Navy commanders have caused...the same Navy commanders who were brought to their current position during the Obama administration.

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The website says: If you wish to return to the United States, you should make arrangements to do so now and contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for assistance as needed. There is no guarantee that the Department of State will be able to continue to provide repatriation assistance and transportation options to the United States may be unavailable in the future. If you choose to remain overseas, you should be prepared to remain where you are for the foreseeable future.

So it sounds like you're just staying where you are. No reason to insult people to make you feel better about a decision you chose to make. We're not criticizing your decision to stay, just pointing out that you are an incredible asshole for insulting America and Americans.

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The WHCA shouldn't resemble a HOA or a PTA meeting. The level on unfairness that happens on their watch pushes them well outside of the range of what I'd considered professional behavior. Why wasn't the person who threatened her placed under investigation or suspension? Let's call it what it is, a mean girls lunch table hiding under the mask of a once reputable organization.

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I think the bigger issue here is that the WHCA has become a toxic workplace where only one established set of political beliefs are honored. Imagine if you asked a tough question during a business meeting and someone left threatening notes on your desk. In what world is that ok with any organization's HR policies?

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I think everyone standing there has been awake for several days straight. They have that swaying in place thing going.

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Everyone mocks parochial school (nuns, rulers, etc) but it's good because it hasn't changed much. Some are bowing down to public pressure in order to get state / federal funding but many are still doing the same thing the same way for the past several decades.

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So what you're saying is that he has the same work ethic as Marion Barry?

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With everything you have already done for the site...and now you add extra. Many thanks :)