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Lot of overlap between the slavers back in the day and the current residents of nyc

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Covered in tattoos and half naked on the internet. She's the kind of girl you rent, not buy.

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@president Trump

Make me the king of the Atlantic ocean and I'll accept all of your refugees as citizens. No one should be left without a citizenship.

Just drop em off far enough away from our shared border. Helicopter for VIPs. 100 miles should do.

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She hit them first. Hope you don't get away with trying to blend in with us when your comrades are put against the wall

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The truck the other night was justified. You must've watched the one where they cut out antifa attacking him and trying to pull him out of the truck

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The fed is the federal reserve which isn't federally owned. Rothschild's and oppenheimer's are robbing us.

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Hopefully he just leaves the Rothschild fed holding the debt. Fuck em. Empty their coffers in every country in the world to bill them for their wars too.

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Supposedly it wasn't even that nk of them. "Coronavirus" policy is to shoot and the guy supposedly refused to identify himself or respond to warning shots. Sk said there is indication that he was defecting anyway

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What's the point of 4 pistol mags on the vest? I'd rather drop 2 for another 556 but don't know what I'm talking about. Just hard to imagine a scenario where you'd need more than 3 pistol mags. I guess if you lost your rifle?

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Aren't many of these people still suspended with pay?

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Not the guy you asked but yeah, I am. I don't have a problem with white people having kids in a nuclear family but I am paying the full tax rate while she takes deductions. On top of paying a higher rate, a higher percentage of those dollars are being spend on her than me. She is almost certainly a net negative on taxes because each one of them is 10-20k per year to send to school. But it doesn't end there. Many of the services I use, insurance, fees, etc are relatively one size fits all so I'm also subsidizing her through that. My health insurance premium is at best half of her family's but they're using 10x the funding. I'm paying for that too.

So yeah, we are being billed for them. You're welcome.

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That's why we had the electoral college. The state got to choose how their population was represented and then that choice was weighted for the population. The idea was that the state would choose the best way to represent it's people and the weighting at the end makes sure there isn't an incentive to have everyone vote to have an outsized popular vote. Most states had only tax payers vote (landowners, typically white males).

This is no longer true as the federal government stepped in and took that right from the states. The left has done a great job of convincing us that the federal government can't police elections in practical ways but it still can police elections by forcing them to lower the quality of the electorate.

Even crazier, they have the right convinced that maintaining the electoral college is critical now when it serves little purpose. They have us preoccupied defending something that doesn't matter much at all.

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Worse, Obama actually paid extra transaction costs to set it up specifically so that the donors were not verified

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Only thing worse than losing your job to them is having to work with em

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Well she'll get deplatformed if she names the jew

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