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It is archive.is, check the link below the title.

The finished page redirected to .fo

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The janitors just noticed this on the floor, so we put it on the shelf where it belongs.

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Pelosi is livid.

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Odds Trump is treated way better than Pocahontas in New Hampshire?

That stupid bitch was interrupting people’s meal thinking they gave a flying rats ass about her.

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Accuse the enemy of that which you are guilty of.

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If I.E. is not loading properly you can visit the App Store and download a better browser.

I recommend Brave or Firefox for functionality, unless someone has a less cucked browser.

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”So there I was, doing all this stuff to ensure that the next person who took office had a record economy to claim. This of course would never ever reflect during my administration, but surely that was because the previous administration.”

-Obummer probably

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Elevator buttons: 1

Walking Heart Attack Nadler: 0

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Pearl Harbor?

B_T_F_O [S] 25 points ago

A date which will live in infamy.

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Cramer will be fired for dropping this much heat on the mainstream media narrative.

Funny thing is every leftist I interact with wholeheartedly agrees Trump has been great for our economy.

Booming economic growth wins presidential elections.

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Nicely done OP.

Just in the interest of full disclosure, do you consider yourself a risk for suicide?

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Just goes to show you can have a PhD and still be a dumb fuck.

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What the fuck guys, the swamp isn’t just handing everything over and filing up neatly to go to jail!?!

BaRR iS coMproMiSed!!