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Haha this meme is so awesome! I am one of the newly red pilled pedes! I always voted conservative because I did not agree with most liberal policies but I was truly clueless and uninformed about so much. I have learned more about history, politics, and government in the past 2 weeks than I ever did while in school.

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This man is a patriot! And fuck the interviewer, “are you going to keep violating state orders?” 🙄

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I’ve been thinking about this too - there’s way more of us than them. The media doesn’t want the public to know this

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I completely agree with you! If God doesn’t exist and all events are seemingly random and/or meaningless, it makes no sense to talk about Mother Nature in a spiritual way by implying the Earth is “in control” of what happens to us. Also, Prince Harry lives in a mansion and utilizes private jets. Ever notice how the most people who loudly protest about protecting our earth usually have multiple large homes, multiple cars, private jets, etc?

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Yikes! And thanks, this website is getting me through all the craziness that is happening here. It’s so nice to see patriots from other countries showing their support.

Can I ask if you are on the north or south island? We visited both and rented a van so we could get around more easily. I loved everywhere we went but I think my favorite place was Wellington!

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Ugh I’ve been on work calls all afternoon and I am dying to listen to this!!

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Love NZ!!! I spent 3 weeks there on my honeymoon 2 years ago. Beautiful country, super nice people. Thank you for the support! 💜

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