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No offense but his hearing today in PA was pretty garbage.

It makes me wonder if he's throwing it so it can be appealed to SCOTUS quickly. He even made arguments that countered his freaking charges.

Either that or they're stalling the entire mess so it can go to Congress.

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Not for much longer if this fake election shit isn't overturned in 2 weeks.

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Looks like the last beating RINO Ryan got from the left didn't sink in.

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Except it hasn't. It's 6 from the bottom - front page. Not a cache error. The post is viewable if you click the image / camera icon - but no comments can be read.

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10 percent of the voters for the President is 8m. That's pretty much all you need to disrupt the country into the dirt.

If the DoD doesn't get involved with the fake-election now, it's gonna be messy on a scale never seen before.

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I support the DoD getting involved to investigate the fake election, and more for the simple reason that 80 million people who no longer thought their vote no longer would ever count would get some pretty bad ideas.

All at once.

If the fake-election stands, it's going to be a National Security issue that will make Northern Ireland's 30 years of mayhem look like a picnic.

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Stop shilling for losing forever. We continue to take ownership of the GOP.

The 3rd party larping is beyond cringe.

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You don't even need a plan.

The amount of soft targets in our infrastructure is insane.

The amount of guns in angry citizens' hands are insane.

We have transportation of food and crop production locked up.

If everyone did one single act of defiance, not pay taxes, stop shipping, anything - the country would implode in a week. Even doing NOTHING - grinds the system to a halt.

That's why the OP is onto something. This is going to be a national security issue quick if this 'fake election' stands.

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If you take the 80 million people thinking the same thing - you may not get a civil war - but you're going to get an astounding number of OK Cities, and crap that will make Northern Ireland look like a picnic.

This is why I support the DoD argument to get a handle on this fake election before real hell breaks loose.

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They did it during WWI and WWII too. More so in WWI where there were specific laws for that. WWII ... a little more subtle, but it was ongoing.

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I'd put the DoD into the investigation cue too. This fake election is now a National Security emergency.

There's valid arguments to bring the military in hard.

They wanted to play - show them we can play.

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You'd think that - but if assassinations sprouted up everywhere (and with 80 million disenfranchised voters - do you want to run the probabilities?)

A few tens of thousands of 'incidents' combined with strikes can really shift shit fast.

Anitfa is a LARP and look what they've done to the DNC cities they control (and don't tell me they don't control Portland because they do). What can 80 million people with firearms and access to fertilizer do?

It took 2 to wipe out a federal building in OK. There's going to be a LOT more people to take into account now. You don't need a plan, you don't need a conspiracy, you don't need any of that if people think their govt is no longer legitimate. Oh and newsflash the FBI sucks at their job. They can't stop shit. They can only respond. But if the public goes totally random - they're beyond useless.

Pray Trump wins this because the outcome will be horrifying. No civil war necessary. Think Northern Ireland. 30 years of it.

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It sure as fuck invalidates any future voting.

What's the point of even voting if a landslide can be 'canceled'?

The GOP isn't just finished, the only money that'll be donated will be by companies putting on fake elections.

I sure as fuck won't participate in future frauds. No point.

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Yup. This place turned into a boring catchphrase pile real quick when the news stopped.

I'm pretty much going to wait a few weeks before doing anything here. It's at peak cringe right now.

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OR she fucked up and allowed them to destroy evidence by not having federal authority and moved too early.

Not saying she's wrong - pretty sure she's right - but I'm not sure how that gives her evidence. It seems to be exactly the opposite when you see the words 'data deleted / scrubbed'.

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I’m sure this happened in 2020.

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More like rolling the probabilities on 80 million disenfranchised voters who turned out larger than in any previous election and were denied.

The OK City bombing was imagined payback for WACO TX. This is much bigger. Much more personal to voters who can smell DNC bullshit after 4 years of abuse.

I wouldn't count the media safe either - in fact - they're among the softest of targets.

It won't be LARPing antifa riots people should be worried about if the election flips - it's the number of dark headlines to come if the election doesn't flip. Scott Adams also seems unaware of this - which is strange because he was much older than I during the 1960s. You'd think he'd be marginally aware.

(speaking of 1960s - I still haven't seen a good reason for why RFK's shooting. Conspiracies or not - even a 'motive' was never really widely attributed to Sirhan Sirhan. So weird. He keeps changing his story too - which isn't uncommon with those serving life. Can anyone fact check me on this?).

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There's no need for a civil war if assassinations become fashionable again like they were in the 1960s.

Roll the dice 80 million times and tell me that won't come up if this fake election stands. You don't need odds that long for all kinds of stupid shit to start.

Oklahoma City will look like a mere appetizer.

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