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Ya - and if you have them - and the virus takes notice of you - you're motherfucking dead. No virus - less than motherfucking dead.

Know what isn't a hoax? Being motherfucking dead. Because a virus noticed you and your pre-exsisting conditions.

This is pure word-play bullshit. "Oh - the boulder falling on the guy didn't kill him - gravity did. Damn gravity. Don't blame the boulder." Take your semantics back to Beijing. The fact you used the term 'bot' proves your a faggoty chicom shill to the max. That's lefty Reddit commie-faggot shit (surprised you didn't call me Russian for that matter).


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The virus causes a fuckton of complications. Including fucking with your scroat. It also loves pre-existing conditions like no other. This is pure chicom goalpost moving bullshit.

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Pfft - been doing it for years. The faggots are subsidized. They wont stop. Although China not watching their shit since the outbreak has put a dent in it - a bit.

If you're not using KODI to watch anything worthwhile for free via streaming - you're doing it wrong. Stop paying for their shit.

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Where? I'm unfamiliar with what state she's in.

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And the person you're blocking. Who wants to see their shit - not just blocking 'responses' - I don't want to see the jerk in the first place. That's what it does everywhere else. Why is that so hard to comprehend?

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Don't waste your time. Chicom faggots have been posting shit like this for weeks. Oh and look at the faggy downvotes on people pushing back against the Chinese retardation.

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Let me know how they came out because I used to show-off with neighbors during pot-lucks in my loft-dwelling days. My humble brag was watching people return for seconds who were professional 'foodies' who ran catering companies - knowing full-well that my prep was infinitesimal and the cost a fraction of theirs.

Here's a dessert that will compliment - and is so simple it's easy to memorize, is fool proof, takes 5 minutes to make without baking - and is less than half the price of a store-bought pie - or a quarter the cost if you have peanut butter and milk already handy (about 5 bucks if you have nothing - 2.50 of you have PB and milk). It's based on an older common Chocolate Peanut butter mousse recipe but combines additional ingredients into these basics to reduce time, cost and insure it works no matter how you do it.

Chocolate Peanut butter Mousse pie.

1 cup whipped topping (not the light kind)

1 cup peanut butter (smooth)

1.25 cup of milk (2 percent or greater)

1 3.9 oz (the small one) box of chocolate pudding (or chocolate fudge if available)

1 premade chocolate cookie pie shell

(all of these are best store-brand since they're combined and brand-names are just more expensive)

Blend all until you have a nice dark mixture that's smooth with a whisk and pour into the pie shell and spread. Top with remaining whip-topping - and for presentation (optional) - hand grate (a zester works nicely) any old chocolate candies you have around for a nice dusting.

Chill for 3-4 hours before serving.

Pro-tip - measure and add peanut butter last into the bowl as it sticks to everything and will improve clean-up times.

Takes 5 minutes to make, 2 minutes for clean-up (just fill the bowl with water to allow the peanut butter covered utensils to soak).

Pro-tip 2 - also handy when you have a little more than a cup of milk that's about to expire (hate wasting milk).

Warning : women may attack you sexually afterwards

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Dude - ultimate pan fried chicken sandwich can stretch 2 chicken breasts into 6 or more large sandwiches :

Take 2 boneless breasts of chicken, thaw partially in the microwave (2-3 minutes) so you can slice them into thin planks lengthwise.

Use paprika, chillipepper, blackpepper and powdered garlic in a pan with sliced butter and fry both sides on medium high heat and lower the heat for the second side (sprinkle more spices on top before flipping your planks to get both sides) - about 3-4 minutes tops per side after pre-heating the pan (the butter is a good indicator and the thin planks will fry fast). A splash of soy-sauce is also good - but optional. (Use about 2 to 3 planks per sandwich depending on the size of your cuts and bread - I use a double-wide loaf so your millage will vary)

Take sliced Jalapeño peppers and onions and fry in the same pan (adding extra butter) or a second pan with the same spices (buttered of course). I've also added Red, Orange or yellow bell peppers too. Lots of peppers work but Jalapeños are cheapest (you'll only need 1 or 2). Habanero is also good if you love really hot-stuff.

Toast the bread.

This is the trick - use 2 slices of cheese (swiss or pepper-jack) and layer as follows : bread - cheese - chicken - veggies - cheese - bread and place in microwave for a minute or 2 to melt the cheese (that time is for all the sandwiches at once on a cutting board - less time for less sandwiches natch). This locks in the chicken wedges and veggies to keep them from squirting out. I also add a dollop of mayo on top to take some of the heat off the spices.

Takes about 20 minutes depending on prep and if you use one or more skillets.

(disclaimer - I cook for my elderly folks - and have reduced costs and already stockpiled a considerable amount of meats before all hell broke loose by buying on sale at 3 for 1 on chicken breasts and 2-1 on ribs (about 30 lbs of meat for 24 dollars) - my meals are cafe quality for a price less than McDonalds - and healthier. So I love to sprinkle in recipes here from time to time. Pro-tip powdered garlic is great for people who have salt problems.)

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Perhaps Arthur C. Clarke got it wrong with 2001. The aliens placed the monolith so we could provide them with toilet paper - clearly.

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Yup. ADV - the youtube channel of China-based expats (who are now in CA), put out the possibility that lab animals may have found their way to the wet-markets. Easy way to score some cash for exotic meats - including bats.

It sounded as far-fetched as anything else - but it's an interesting theory. And plausible.

It's totally China's fault - but if NYC hadn't had a mayor of infinite stupidity, and Congress wasn't fucking around with an impeachment AND if our intelligence community would have looked at a fucking phone video from China in Dec and early Jan PERHAPS we wouldn't be doing the blame game in freaking April.

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Oh for sure - technically they've been doing social distancing since 1727 after all - but haven't they noticed the lack of orders for furniture or quilts lately?

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Isn't radio witchcraft or something? (I'm glad they have it but I'm actually curious what the cut-off for tech is).

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With all the social distancing going on ... has anyone sent them a card or letter "be back soon" etc?

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China or Ecuador? China's particularly erroneous - about as bad as North Korea because if you ask - you're going to disappear.

Ecuador is having trouble keeping up with the bodies so that's a different problem entirely.

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Reported. Tell me again how many China has. I need a good laugh.

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Could it be because they don't have a wide retail presence? It's direct-order only if I'm not mistaken. I don't drink it (I only drink coffee rarely) but I (too) am curious why all the site-baggage.

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Hmm. Won't deny - that's a lot of trackers. Not sure what the current standard is for retail sites - but ya - that's odd. They are a prolific seller so it may be downstream reference material.

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