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There is an easier way to get around that. Just march on the public street - with shoes dipped in paint.

"Hey I'm just walkin' here

Also works with tires.

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Now you know why CA just introduced laws to overturn civil rights. Which is illegal btw - you can't overrule Federal laws specifically Title IV of the Civil rights Act of 1964. It is illegal to discriminate in the workplace in regards to hiring, training, promotion, and compensation.

Nice try CA - see you in the Supreme Court (actually with the new 6th Circus - I'm not even sure it'll get that far).

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Gonna be a dark day before you tear me away from redheads. Oof.

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Fuck (merely) that - I want the House retaken so we can reinstate HUAC and purge every fucking institution in America of CCP influence.

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Translation :

With a heavy heart (tee hee hee), we are announcing the State Fair of Texas (we being the people who have no interest in such things and want to punish people who voted Trump into office) will not open for the 2020 season. We (BLM and Antifa) believe the spirit of the Lone Star state (is racist and should be punished for systemic racism) in every Texan's ability to care for their neighbor (which is why we need you at home so we can riot more, unmolested by armed citizens). Click the button below (so we can attach malware and trackers on your computer to make sure you're not part of the white supremacists and for us to keylog your bank accounts to make donations to the DNC). We look forward to (fucking you over in the next election).

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I missed all the arrests and hate crime charges when they removed abolitionist statutes too.

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And the statues were just grown in place? They were granted permits and paid for by the communities too.

Don't see a lot of fucks being given them.

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Enjoy your Monster, Frankenstein.

The only thing that will stop cancel culture is an uptick in workplace violence from those fired for how they vote. It's inevitable.

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Remember when they used to shoot corrupt politicians?

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Nah. I'm not making twitter cash.

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Oh thank God it's bi-partisan for a group of companies that aren't.

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People used to be shot for less.

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Arizona is - in spite of the media hysteria - hovering around a mere 4 deaths. Good news (apart from those who died obviously) tempered by the fact that more than 1/3 of our total deaths come from tribes who are particularly vulnerable to influenza and covid strains.

But it's pretty much burned out as far as fatalities are concerned (which is why they never mention it). Our total deaths are far behind CA at 1800 - which is pretty astounding considering our population. CA is at 6337 deaths to date. NY is the champion at 32,219 which is nearly 1/4 of all deaths in the US. Nearly half at nursing homes thanks to public policy from the NY gov office.

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Surprised he didn't mention the Guardian Angels. Although they worked with the police - and were endorsed by NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani - so I suppose that could be a disqualifier. Koch wasn't a fan of them at the outset - but he came around later (not sure if he was in office when he had a change of heart).

Captain Sticky was interesting enough to do more casual research on.

Apparently Captain Sticky got some bad legal advice from his lawyer that said his house (often used for filming because of it's location and size) was fine for use by a producer who wanted to film adult videos. He stayed long enough at the time to insure there were no drugs or anything illicit being brought into the premises (and that the production and crew vehicles weren't a neighbor nuisance, and then left.

Later he was arrested by the Vice Squad for contributing to pandering. I can't find any additional info so I'm guessing he was either not guilty or reached a settlement of some kind. He publicly admitted he accepted 'bad info' and was embarrassed because he worked closely with the San Diego PD.

He died in 2004 at the age of 57 after a complications from emergency heart surgery.

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Tell her I'd like fried rice with teriyaki chicken. And a side of egg rolls.

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