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They're a nightmare to shoot and I'm yuge

Fun asf but they actually do hurt to shoot

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A lot of them actually are stupid

RBG was not one of the stupid ones, nor is Obama

Pelosi used to be a competent politician, but now is old and has TDS

Good thing Biden is an idiot and Harris isn't very clever

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“As a woman, and a judge, I recognize the importance of being able to protect myself and my family with a firearm. A great equalizer.”

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By that time, the middle east might be subdued enough for them to shake Grenell's hand

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Spoiler alert: their big freak out plan is election fraud and civil war

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We already tried, that’s how we got here

As much as I despise James Mattis, he has a great quote: “be professional, be polite but have a plan to kill everyone you meet”

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As I said earlier there are lots of ways to fight

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It’s objectively being a pussy, literally as much as labeling someone a pussy can be.

If we all had defeatist attitudes like yours, we’d be fucked.

Enjoy the $120,000 Toyota Priuses in Singapore (Taxes, true story)

Anyway, you said it yourself, “countries that have similar values.” If your values are similar to Singaporean values (high taxation, authoritarian statues, the most restrictive gun laws on earth, massive surveillance apparatus, rigged courts, a punitive and racist justice system, weird property rights, etc.) then there’s not much more to say other than have a nice flight.

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I think it was fair game satire

We are just vigilant because the media always crucifies Trump unfairly. Their obvious satire is obvious, not just ridiculous lies and smear, and since South Park satirizes everyone and everything somewhat evenly, with context it wasn’t so bad in my view.

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If you owned a plot of land and you had four houses on it and a bunch of communist agitators made it impossible to live in one of the houses and eventually moved in, would you just go to one of the other houses? What if they take over two, or three, or four? What if they start taking the resources for themselves

It’s understandable to move on to the next house for a little while, but you have to regroup, plan, organize your resources and get the first one back before it’s too late.

Even moving out to the country for a little while is better than going to fucking Singapore. Have some skin in the game for fuck’s sake.

If you’re not one to fight out there, fight here. But at least fight. Everyone has their part, don’t be a pussy.

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If you’re able-bodied, I hope that if you really consider this your/“our” country, you would fight rather than flee

I also hope that able-bodied people who flee while the rest of us fight will be barred from returning once we win

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Her family is like a piloting/flying dynasty

She's been flying since elementary school

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