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They have worked for years, subverting our educational system and who knows what else.

We can not let this come down to us trying to wrest power back away from them. They need to be dealt with now !

Get trained as election judges, and be there on election day and any day votes are handled or counted. Tell your candidate not to concede the election until all ballets have been inspected and certified and recounted.

They plan to steal this 2020 election and then act fast to shut down any dissent.

They will shut down the internet and blame it on us. And woe be to any of us who think we can peacefully protest. The gloves will be off, baby.

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This short video will tell you what this arrogant shit stain on a beautiful day had planned for any of us who wouldn't want to let her and her commie friends taking our wealth and leaving us to feed our families by picking food out of their garbage cans.


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The wealthy nation, Venezuela turned to socialism and using that governing philosophy, the leaders stole all the people's wealth. Now the people of once wealthy Venezuela are eating out of garbage cans.

The wealthy nation, the United States of America clings to Capitalism and using that economic philosophy, in a few months, President Trump built the best, MOST INCLUSIVE economy in the world.

Socialism confiscates and hordes the wealth.

Capitalism shares wealth in the form of providing the opportunity to accrue personal wealth and then guards their right to private property.

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Here is another one, it is only 2 minutes but you'll see that we need to root these people and anyone they associate with out of America, they are sick bastards and have been sabotaging our way of life for the past 60 years.

Watch the video and you will know We Need To Do This, No one will do it for us for sure not the DOJ/FBI.


From actual observation: Socialism hordes wealth, Capitalism shares wealth. Was "evil capitalism" the first big lie of the 20th Century, was understanding this propaganda what inspired George Orwell to write the book: "1984".

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Anwedie - "...(and this will escalate because there's no repercussions).

No repercussions because the fool democrats KNOW who is behind everything, including the china virus, and think they are going to leaders in the new world order. Really they will be the first up against the wall.

They need to listen to the Cuban man who spoke us and to President Trump the other day. He said, after Castro got control of the government he killed all the "useful idiots".

I realized this morning why they hate capitalism, Capitalism Shares the wealth.

How old is the lie about capitalism, is it the oldest lie of communism?

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As children in the 60s these mentally ill communists, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dhorn and this sick fool Rosenberg, among others, thought they could overthrow our government and become our masters, or maybe even masters of the Universe (they were and are sick puppies).

The called themselves the Weathermen or the Weather Underground something like that. They managed to kill a few people and Bill Ayers girlfriend blew herself up making a bomb. Some went to jail but the rest went underground.

But they never gave up, a man once said that America could never be defeated because of its system of education (deTrokville?). So Bill Ayres set about destroying our education al system. Take a look at our educational system and you will know he succeeded and also know how determined they are.

Now this weatherman freak of nature, breaks out of stealth mode, to show her ugly mug as leader of BLM. BLM does nothing but use black people for their own purposes. They spent years turning the idea of "black people" into a sacred cow to hide behind.

Want to know what they have planned for us and our children if they manage to get control?

Spend two minutes watching the short video linked below, and you will see that we need to start rooting out and publishing every moment, every contact, every affiliation of these sick bastards for the last 60 years.

At long last we need to use Cancel Culture to get them and everyone who lifted a finger to help them. Watch the video and you will know We Need To Do This, No one will do it for us for sure not the DOJ/FBI.


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Neither of those two men are worth a second thought on their own, but as go-fers for McConnell, Brennan and beyond they need to be backhanded and sent rolling right back to the feet of McConnell.


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George Sorso spent decades and billions of dollars getting prosecutors, Attorneys General and Secretaries of State TOADIES elected all across America.

The Deep State, the Shadow Government, using the old democrat party and BLM as a front are are poised and ready to steal the 2020 election ,and when they do these Soros toadies will shut down any resistance either by shutting down the internet or by outright violence against us.

Let us hope that the Soros TOADIES have alienated the police enough that they will stand with us and refuse to do us harm.

What are we going to do with General Milley though, that squish will be hiding under his bed, he won't even have the courage to crawl out and change his dirty underwear.

Arwyn3x 3 points ago

So much brain power between those two, it is good they look so unassuming, else Hillary would have gotten them a long time ago.

Arwyn3x 6 points ago (edited)

Are we really going to just let Dunham withhold evidence he gathered on our behalf and on our dime about the hell we and our President suffered these past 4 years?

Did Dunham purposefully drag his feet until he got to a point where he could justify neglecting to charge the crimes he is fully aware of - by saying "If I bring charges now it will effect the 2020 election".

If the Vice-President of the United States was involved in this VICIOUS, GROSSLY IMMORAL AND DEPRAVED COUP ATTEMPT against We The People and our duly elected President THEN it is not Bar or Dunhams place to hide that information from us.

AG Barr and People's Investigator Dunham - if all you can say to justify withholding evidence you discovered is that it could impact the November election all I can say is " "YOU SHOULDA GOT YOUR ASS MOVING A LITTLE FASTER"

From information in the public domain it appears Joe Biden, as Vice President of the United States of America, was deeply involved in the actual attempted coup against our Republic.

We The People have a momentous decision to make in November and we must know what an honest investigation uncovered.

After all, AG Barr and Peoples Investigator Dunham, your people (DOJ/FBI) made sure we all knew about the bogus Russia, russia, russia charges against candidate, president elect and President Trump - you owe us.

Arwyn3x 2 points ago

This is Bill Ayers motto.

Bill Ayers the communist traitor who has been sabotaging our educational system for the last 40-50 years. If you don't think this traitor is determined and dangerous go take a look at the state of the American Educational System.

And this short video (2.19 minutes) will show you what he planned back in the 1960-70 and don't for a moment think he gave up on that either.


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I get to use my new word again - SHIBBOLETH (password or watch word)

Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with black people or all those thugs who want us to believe they are 'woke social justice warriors" would be petrolling the streets of Chicago every weekend to prevent black on black violence.

Black Lives Matter is just a 16-letter password (Shibboleth) into the American Communist Underground (Big Club) that has been working against We The People since at least the 1940s.

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dhorn founded the weathermen who initially thought they could really "take over" America. When asked how they would administer the country if they managed to "take it over' they said they expected that the Cubans, the North Vietnamese, the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States.

What Bill Ayers and his co-conspirators saw as their immediate responsibility once they get control of the country would be to protect against a counter-revolution (us fighting back).

They planned re-education centers for people who didn't support their revolution right away.

And they thought approximately 25 million people would be un-educable (us) and would have to be killed outright.

The video at the link is only about 2 minutes long but will give you a good idea what to expect to happen to yourself and your family* if President Trump does not win re-election with a majority in the House and Senate.


Once Bill Ayers realized their revolution was a pipe dream just them, he went to work sabotaging our Educational system, and a bunch of idiotic, immature sycophant teachers went right along with him, thinking they were 'way cool" and 'totally with it" because a treasonous coward went to the same meetings they did and "OMG, he nodded at me".

Arwyn3x 8 points ago

There is no such thing as the remnants of the previous administration - they are all deep state or shadow government TRAITORS TO OUR UNITED STATES.

That is all they are traitors, they are not members of some kind of rare elite, incredibly intelligent or even fully functioning human beings - they are just money grubbing, status seeking, virtue signaling Traitors to their Country.

They are all fully aware they are traitors that's why they all group together and put huge amounts of unethical effort to destroy anyone outsider their circle.

That is why they Hate President Trump - they are traitors and they know it, he is not a traitor and they know that too.

Watch this and learn what we are really up against:


Arwyn3x 5 points ago

The most profound message that no one, WHITE OR BLACK can deny is this:


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We might as well lite up Bill Barf's place too. Correspondence to the Department, including the Attorney General, may be sent to:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

The Department may be contacted by phone at the following:

Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555
Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000
Arwyn3x 2 points ago

Give him and his buddies and remind them they are not the judge or the jury, Just collect the evidence and present it in a timely manner. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway I told everyone who would listen that this was going to be another rendition of the Huber, Mueller soft shoe.

US Attorney's Office - New Haven Office Connecticut Financial Center 157 Church Street Floor 25 New Haven, CT 06510 (203) 821-3700 Fax: (203) 773- 5376

US Attorney's Office - Bridgeport Office 1000 Lafayette Blvd 10th Floor Bridgeport, CT 06604 (203) 696-3000 Fax: (203) 579-5575

US Attorney's Office - Hartford Office 450 Main Street Room 328 Hartford, CT 06103 (860) 947-1101 Fax: (860) 760-7979

Media Inquiries Tom Carson (203) 821-3722 [email protected]

Citizen's Complaint Complete and submit the Citizen's Complaint form:


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That is General Milly for you. Poor Milley, got put on the spot, there he was all camo'd up prancing around showing off his man boobs and then the President announces he is going to walk across the park to pay his respects to the Church the terrorist burned,.

The same Church were Presidents since Madison went to take a knee and ask for divine guidance. "Whose with me." the President asked - and Milley fainted.

Thank God he is not the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Arwyn3x 1 point ago

Why didn't the big dumb waste name it Operation Pat on the Head or Operation Bone Toss.

AG Barr and Dunham are going to screw us over again. They say they are going to give a status report ion the findings of the Dunham investigation to We The People by Labor Day. Just watch, two or three weeks some anonymous source or maybe Lindsay Graham, will casually mention that the report won't be ready till the end of September, just like they did with Horowiotz, Huber and Mueller.

We never get to say - "Well, give us what you got Barr, Dunham. " but maybe this time.

Arwyn3x 2 points ago

I found a new word and I love using it - Shibboleth, a shibboleth is another word for a password or watch word.

Black Lives Matter is a shibboleth, a 16-word password into "THE CLUB" that wants to steal America away from ALL of us, black and white, and leave us eating out of garbage cans.

So either get on the Trump Train or take your family out on re-con to locate the best garbage cans within walking distance of your home.

Arwyn3x 3 points ago

Good, maybe every one else will grow to hate her as I have since back when old Denny Hasterd retired and the fairy ballerina tried to shove her down our throats and every election after til she finally got elected.

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As the RINOs in the Uni-Party they are happy to have you thinking they are 'spineless cavers" to the democrats in Congress, so to Corporate America is happy with you thinking they are some how intimidated into giving money to BLM.

I hope you read the article linked above "multinational-wall-street vs Main Street USA

Arwyn3x 1 point ago

Don't kid yourselves, Corporate America has a whole lot invested in persevering the status quo. As Sundance over on The Conservative Tree House says "there are trillions at stake".

Here is the working dynamic for President Trumps economy and probably why corporate America is sending money to BLM as a pass-through to the democrat party:




Arwyn3x 1 point ago (edited)

Leaderless democrats fall victim to the BLM hoax.

All Black Lives Matter is - is a 16-letter password to "THE CLUB" that wants to tear down America and reduce us all to eating out of garbage cans.

The way things are going maybe you and your family should start doing re-cons to locate and get dibbs on the best garbage cans in walking distance to your home.

The way things are going as in - Remember how the DOJ/FBI stalled the release of the Mueller report: it is going to be released the first of the year, getting close to the first of the year so switch to sometime in early March, then the first two weeks in June, nope has to wait till September.

DURHAM AND BARR are doing that to us now. If they can get close nough they will tell us that they can't reveal the results of Durham's investigation because it might impact the 2020 election.
Well Barr, maybe some truths should impact the 2020 election.

Senator Grassley speaks truly:

For years the Deep State from the Obama Administration has been getting away with criminal acts while those connected to President Trump are set up, framed, lied to, indicted, harassed and imprisoned.

Arwyn3x 2 points ago

Black Lives Matter is a shibboleth, a 16-letter password to THE CLUB that wants to overthrow our country, shove socialism down our throats and leave us eating out of garbage cans.

BLM has nothing to do with bettering the lives of black people - that is obvious and the sooner black people realize that the better.

It is President Trump and we who voted for him that want the best for them and us.

What is the best? Jobs, a real education, a wonderful exciting future for our childeren, a cabin at the lake, or a boat, a small business of their own or a huge business - what ever their dream is because we dream too.

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