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Government employees, state and federal, should also receive no pay.

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THIS. This philosophical way of thinking is single handedly destroy rational, logical thought.

More people need to realize this and start stopping the inculcation of youth into the brainwashing.

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If the dominion scandal is as big as they say it is ... would it be a conflict of interest for her to represent a rnc candidate??

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Wait .. “year zero” ... as in the great reset???????

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That is my stance.

I think the hypocrisy exposed by the juxtaposition of their content and branding with their statement says enough.

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Normies won't accept that.

EDIT: they will be unable to make the mental jump from "we are a free democracy with unbiased media" to "holy fuck the deep state is real and we are being manipulated"

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You can't have a country without the means of energy production.

Coal is the cheapest and has lead to the biggest advance in human history.

There should be more money poured into making it safer and better, not regulating it.

People don't even understand the damage wind and solar solutions have on drinking water and the surrounding environment.

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